Trek Light Gear + Huckberry

[FYI, this post is now outdated and kept for archive purposes only]

What exactly is a Huckberry you ask and what does this all mean?

It means you’ve got a chance to save over 20% OFF on our Double Hammocks AND accessories like our Bug Free Hammock Shield and V9 Strong Tarp.  Right now.

Hammock Mosquito Bug Net

As many of you know that follow along regularly, we do our best to offer sales on our Double Hammocks whenever possible but our other accessories are rarely ever on sale. To be more specific, the last time we offered a discount that included our bug net and rainfly accessories: January 2010, almost two years ago!!

So how do you take advantage of this extremely rare discount?

Introducing Huckberry (unless you’re already down with Huckberry and in that case you already know all of this).  Huckberry is a ‘members-only’ site which offers “exclusive access to urban and outdoor lifestyle brands at insiders' prices”.  The deals are only available for 7 days and then they’re replaced with a new offer. We’ve partnered up with them to offer you and their existing members this amazing deal and I’m extremely excited to see it launch today.

‘Members-only’ may sound scary but I promise you it’s not at all. There’s zero cost to sign up, all you need to do is create an account (it takes about 20 seconds) and you’re ready to shop and save.  I’ve been checking out Huckberry a lot over the last few weeks and I can almost guarantee you that our gear won’t be the only purchase you make on their site – the brands and products they curate each week are an exact match for the Trek Light Lifestyle. In fact, right alongside our deal this week they’ve got big discounts on Big Agnes sleeping bags. If you don’t already know about Big Agnes bags, you should. Big Agnes sleeping bags have a built-in sleeping pad sleeve, which literally makes it the perfect sleeping bag to use in your Trek Light hammock since you’ll never have to worry about your pad sliding out from under you or vice versa during a cold night. How’s that for a good fit?

If you don’t own a hammock yet or you’re looking to get your holiday shopping done early this year, this is a great chance to get our amazing Double Hammock at a steep discount. And if you or someone you know already owns a hammock but you’ve been putting off getting the accessories, let me say it again - this is the lowest price we’ve offered in nearly two years!

We’ve only given Huckberry a limited quantity of inventory for this exclusive sale, so even though the offer is scheduled for seven days don’t wait if you don’t want to miss out.

If you’re ready to save, go here to sign up (or just click the image below) and take advantage of this awesome partnership before it ends.


Huckberry Trek Light Gear

If you’re interested in learning more about the connection between Trek Light Gear and Huckberry, keep reading below…

How It All Came Together

One of my jobs as Chief Everything Officer is to look for brand connections and seek out partnerships with other likeminded brands.  This has led to some extremely fun and exciting connections with companies like Sierra Nevada and most recently, Wenger Brand (aka the Swiss Army Knife company).  Since our hammocks are a lifestyle product that fit into an endless number of categories, the list of great brands that we share synergy with is equally long and I’m not always able to pursue even a small percentage of the ones on my list.  So it’s always nice when a great new connection falls in my lap when it’s not even on my radar to begin with.

Back in September I saw this pop up in my Twitter stream:

Trek Light Tweet


Well, suffice to say I wasn’t ahead of the curve so I started investigating this mysterious Huckberry to find out what it was and why I should know about it.  I went straight to their Twitter page and the first thing I read was their description: “Inspired by vintage sporting catalogs, Huckberry is a members-only guide to apparel, gear and travel for the urban + outdoor active life”.

As I started to explore their site, it was immediately obvious the brand synergy I was looking for was there.  Moments later I got the following:


Ahh, the magic of Twitter.  Fast forward a month or so and here we are – Trek Light Gear is featured on Huckberry’s site, and will be for the next seven days, thanks to one of our Twitter followers seeing a cool connection and letting us know about it.

A sincere thanks to @SteveHult for initiating the connection that started this.  If you know of a likeminded brand that we should partner with, let us know!

And, of course, it never hurts to mention it on Twitter.

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