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How To Prevent A DUI With A Hammock

I just heard a great story from a longtime customer that I had to share:

“Last month in Denver I was at a bar drinking w/ friends and was blasted and not going to drive. So I pulled the hammock out and swung between the parking meter and my truck. At 5am a cop shined his light on me and asked “What the heck are you doing??” My response: “NOT getting a DUI sir!!” He laughed his ass off and said “Sweet dreams!”

While hanging a hammock from a parking meter is not always guaranteed to go over so well with the authorities, it’s a great example of how having a Trek Light Hammock with you can come in handy even in the most unlikely situations. It may be a friend’s backyard instead of a parking meter, but the lesson is the same: there’s no reason to leave your hammock stashed in the gear closet at home waiting for an excuse to take it out.

The simple act of keeping a Trek Light Hammock in your car will open the door to a million possibilities, whether it’s just allowing you to setup a hammock in cool and unexpected spots, giving you the best lunch break ever, sleeping off a night of fun, or of course in any unfortunate survival or emergency situation you may encounter.
Another lesson from this story is to always remember that you don’t need two trees to hang your hammock.

You can almost always use your car as an anchor to hang your hammock as demonstrated in this story (if you don’t have a strong enough rack or roll bar on top of your car you can easily use the door frame as you can see in the picture).

Hanging A Hammock From Your Car

If you’ve got a great story of how having a Trek Light Hammock with you has come in handy when you least expected it, let me know about it!

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