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Hosting Your Own Game Night 101

Americans LOVE to play games.

Don’t believe us? Ask the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In 2017, they reported that adults spend about 16 minutes a day playing games (board games, video games, outdoor games), which amounts to nearly 100 hours throughout the year.

It’s safe to say that games are a big hit and the mental release and fun they bring to people’s lives isn’t something to scoff at.

So, with that in mind, we’re advocating for a monthly game night.

Sure, you’ve seen movies about them and you might have had a standing sleepover game night as a kid, but how long has it been since you hosted a handful of friends, busted out the old fondue set, and dusted off the board games that fill your basement closet?

If the answer is “I dunno,” then read on, friend.


The Trek Light Guide to Hosting Your Own Game Night


Assemble your crew

Friends from high school you’ve been meaning to reach out to?

Colleagues you love having lunch with but would like to get to know outside of work? Your favorite neighbor who always gets your mail for you when you’re out of town?

These are perfect candidates for game night --- a low stakes evening where you don’t have to carry the conversation alone.

All it takes to assemble a good crew is a little bit of thought and consideration. Think about who in your social circle might enjoy one another’s company.

Build your guest list around the idea of creating new friends. From there, only good things can happen.


Gather your games

Maybe it’s been a while since you paid a visit to your attic. No worries! Head on up there and suss out what kind of games you’ve got stowed away.

If nothing appeals or everything feels a bit dated, visit a local toy store or ask the Internet for the best games of the past year. People are always creating wacky and wonderful ways to pass the time with board games.

TIP: Be sure to get a mix of games. Think card games, board games, and performance games. A variety of activities will keep the night interesting, including outdoor games that get people on their feet.

If you want to bring the fun outside, try this awesome Light Up Bocce Set. It's a blast to play in the dark and is a little off the beaten path.


Keep your snack game strong

Game night snacks can make or break the evening. We’re both kidding and not kidding, as food is a vital part of any party.

Make it easy on yourself and set a theme for the evening (think global flavors, spicy foods, appetizers, vegan junk food, etc.). Then get to work.

Make (or buy) dishes you’re excited to eat, things that feel a bit more fun than your standard weeknight dinner (this is game night after all!).

If you’re stressed about prep time, ask guests to bring a side dish, and if the idea of cooking anything isn’t up your alley, order out. Takeout was made for game night anyways.


Create an ambiance

Despite the fact that it’s called “game night”, you won’t be playing games all night long.

Make space in your evening for people to mingle, help cook, and converse by the fire.

Light a candle (better yet, light the Trek Light Gear Under the Stars Candle) and put on a playlist.

Create an ambiance that makes the evening feel comfortable, low key and inviting. Our Hammock Radio playlists are an awesome soundtrack, give them a spin!

In the end, all that matters is that you have fun. Roll the dice and let the games begin.


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