Customer Love: Hammocks On A Plane!

Happiness From Our Inbox:

“Hello Trek Light Gear!
I would just like to tell you how much I love my hammock!  I have had this hammock for almost 4 years now and I take it everywhere I go.  As a flight attendant I take my hammock on all of my layovers and have used it in some very awesome places.  As a matter of fact, if you need anyone to demo your hammocks around the US etc. at trade shows or elsewhere, I would love to be your gal!(Seriously!) Every time I set my hammock up on a layover, my other crew members end up spending more time in it than I do and I usually end up selling them on it.  This last month alone I know of 5 friends that bought hammocks from you because they saw mine and fell in love!
Recently, I was working a trip and we had a mechanical delay that lasted over 3 hours.  We did not have passengers aboard the airplane and the crew tried to take advantage of the time by laying down in the seats and taking naps.  That did not look comfortable to me so I hung my hammock up in the aft (back) galley and took my nap there! 
Hammock Galley 1
Hammock Galley 2
Camping Hammock
The other photo is of a back country camping trip where my friend and I had our hammocks and mosquito nets set up and our other friends had their tent set up.  They woke up the next morning with sore backs from sleeping on the ground whereas my friend and I were comfortable all night and felt refreshed waking up in our hammocks.
I have spent countless hours in my hammock with my nieces and nephews reading books and just enjoying snuggle time with them.  They always ask me, "Aunt Kimmie, can we find a place to hang up your hammock!?"  They already know that your mantra is true: Life is Better in a Hammock!!
I am constantly looking for places to hang my hammock and have been so impressed with the durability and longevity of the materials given what I have put it through! Thank you for making them and for improving our lives with your passion! I look forward to future years of hanging around in my Trek Light Gear hammock and sharing them with everyone I know!
Sincerely, Kim B”

Kim, you rock! Thanks for the beautiful letter and great story!

We love hearing your stories of how Trek Light Gear has improved your life, especially when you can find ways to incorporate it into your daily routine and experience more joy and relaxation at your job when you need it most.

We’re lucky to have hammocks in our office at Trek Light HQ (the boss says it's cool), and while it may feel like a stretch at your job I hope that Kim’s story shows you that where there’s a will there’s always a way.  Get creative and find ways to incorporate a hammock into your workspace – be it in a break room, on a plane, or wherever your job takes you.

Do you have a story like Kim’s? Send us an email and put some more happiness in our Inbox!

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