Share Your Hang Ups: Hammocks On A Boat!

I just received a great email and photo from a happy Trek Light Gear customer.  Karen H. of Warwick, RI wrote in to share with us how much her husband has been enjoying the hammock he received this summer as a gift:


Karen said her husband calls it “the best gift he has ever received” and tells us “He absolutely loves it and it fits on the radar arch perfectly!  I spent quite a bit of online researching time to find the perfect one and I have to agree the Trek Light is perfect!!”

Well, of course I’d have to agree too - thanks Karen!   Karen was also quick to point out that the name of the boat is the ‘At Ease’ and of course the hammock addition is the perfect compliment to the boat’s namesake.

If you didn’t realize it, a Trek Light hammock really is the perfect accessory to any boat.  Most boats have plenty of options to hang a hammock (you may not even realize it until you turn on your ‘hammock vision’ and look around) and there’s nothing quite like being on a hammock surrounded by the blue seas and open sky.

And when the seas get rough you’ll be even happier - did you know that hammocks have long been used as a way to prevent sea sickness? It may seem counter-intuitive, and in fact most people I’ve talked to are under the impression that a rocking hammock is the last place they’d want to be when feeling seasick.   However, gravity will work in your favor – you’ll actually be staying almost completely still while the boat rocks around you!  Your mind may have a hard time understanding it but your body’s sense of equilibrium will be completely ‘at ease’ and you’ll keep that seasick feeling at bay.  Sailors have been using this trick for centuries but oddly enough most people aren't aware of it.

In addition to relaxing, we’ve had customers tell us some incredible stories involving our hammocks out on the water.  More than one customer has told us that they’ve actually used the hammock as a makeshift sail/kite when in a pinch on a small craft. And another customer told us they've tied the hammock to a line and used it as a drag anchor to slow down the drift of their small boat.  Definitely not what we’d call it’s ‘intended use’ but it’s amazing to hear how people have discovered interesting ways to put their hammock to use beyond the obvious.

Check out some more of our favorite boat hammock photos below:


Trek Light Gear - Fan Photos
Trek Light Gear - Fan Photos
Trek Light Gear - Fan Photos
Trek Light Gear - Fan Photos
Trek Light Gear - Fan Photos
Trek Light Gear - Fan Photos


Do you have a great photo of your Trek Light hammock setup on a boat? Send it in so we can show it off!

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