Hammocks at Red Rocks!!!

We're proud to announce that Trek Light Gear is partnering up with the great Monolith Music Festival at Red Rocks, the weekend of September 13th & 14th.


Monolith 2008

There will be hammocks hanging backstage for the artists, in the VIP lounges and a whole lot more! The Trek Light booth will also be setup at Red Rocks for all the fans so you can take a break after climbing all those Red Rocks steps and chill out in our amazing hammocks. Don't forget to pick up some Eco Totes so you can bring home your new CDs and T-Shirts from the Merch Booth without wasting plastic!

(We should also take this time to remind you that Trek Light’s lightweight hammocks can be hung between two cars, RV’s, Jeep’s or wherever you can find to points strong enough to support your weight.  So don’t wait until the festival to buy your hammock, bring them with you and tailgate in style!)

2008 Monolith

Check out the great lineup on Saturday and Sunday and get your tickets today.  Everyone who purchases a VIP ticket to the event will also get a free Eco Tote in their VIP package along with all the other great benefits (like hanging out in a hammock in the VIP lounge while listening to the show!).  The Monolith festival is in its second year and if last year was any indication this year's festival is bound to be an event you won't want to miss!

The great folks behind the Monolith Festival (along with help from festival partner Esurance) have completely impressed us with their efforts to ensure that this year’s festival is as green as possible.  The event itself will actually use carbon offsets to be a completely carbon neutral festival, and the list goes on to include everything from great carpooling initiatives, biodegradable concession supplies, and even the Monolith Reforestation Project!

We know there’s nothing better than relaxing in a hammock while listening to great music and there’s no argument that Red Rocks is easily one of the most breathtakingly beautiful music venues on the planet.   We’re extremely proud to be partnering up with the Monolith Music Festival this year and whether you live in Colorado or you’re flying out for the event we hope to see you there and show you why every experience can be a little bit better with Trek Light Gear.


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Monolith Red Rocks 2008
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