Hammock Radio continues with the second installment and right out of the gates we’re introducing you to an ongoing series we’ll be running on Hammock Radio – the Covers Series.

The mark of being a truly great songwriter is often defined by how many other artists cover your songs.  Some will reinterpret, some will do their best to mimic the original, and many times the cover version of a song even achieves much more fame than the original ever did.

In the music world, it’s not uncommon for the original writer of a song to be completely unknown by the masses or quickly forgotten in place of whoever put the song highest into the hit radio rotation. 

Case in point: Dazed and Confused? Cover. Hey Joe? Cover. Tainted Love? Cover. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? Cover.  Many of our favorite songs were written and sung by someone else much less famous before they became classics.

The Covers Series naturally begins with Bob Dylan, a man whose songs were being covered quite nearly from the moment he wrote them.

The reason I love covers of Dylan’s songs so much is that his voice was such an instrumental part of his music that it can sometimes take your attention away from the words themselves.  I’m in the camp of people who love Dylan’s voice and singing style, but it goes without saying that his voice is and always has been polarizing.  So to make this collection I purposefully chose singers and styles vastly different from the man himself  - it’s through these covers by female vocalists, soul singers, as bluegrass tunes, jazz interpretations, and raging rock n’ roll that the genius of his songwriting has been able to transcend genres and connect with so many.

While working on this playlist I ended up with so many songs, so many truly great covers, that it quickly approached a 4 hour playlist without repeating a single song titlefrom Dylan’s catalog.  So, I split the collection in half and today I’m releasing Part 1 -  stay tuned for the second half down the road!

Hammock Radio - Covers Series: Dylan (Part 1)

Hop in your hammock, kick back and enjoy the music - and don’t forget to follow us on Spotify to make sure you’re the first to know about future Hammock Radio releases!

Which cover is your favorite?  What original Bob Dylan song is your favorite?  Let us know below!

Hammock Radio - Dylan Covers

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Seth Haber - Founder, CEO
Seth Haber - Founder, CEO

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