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One of the things I love most about running Trek Light Gear is the fact that even with a small product line, we’ve managed to create a group of products that have an incredibly broad appeal.   The very first time I setup the Trek Light booth at a festival, our hammocks were the only product I had available to sell.   If you asked me who my intended market was at that very moment, I would have been conflicted.  My gut instinct when I decided to start the business could best be summed up as ‘Everyone needs to relax. Of course EVERYONE loves hammocks, right?’  But, there was a skeptical side of me that said “Be practical, this is mostly going to appeal to lightweight backpackers and campers and you need to find those people and sell to them.”

So, I went into the weekend expecting to only be selling to the lightweight backpacking and camping crowd.  I had one product and one specific niche market that I expected would buy it.   But, before I knew it, the booth was overwhelmed with people: men, women, kids, grandparents, students, you name it.   Everyone was intrigued by the idea of a hammock that didn’t spin or flip, didn’t rot or mildew, didn’t give you rope marks in your back, and could pack up easily.  I sold out of almost every hammock I had that weekend and if I had to guess I would say only 5% of those that bought were actually talking about taking it on a lightweight backpacking trip. 

Trek Light Gear - Fan Photos
Everyone saw something in the hammock that applied to them: Grandma and Grandpa wanted to hang it on the back porch of their place in Florida, bikers immediately strapped it to the back of their bike and rode off, and even city dwellers who planned to hang it inside couldn’t stop talking about how excited they were to get home and set it up.  My initial gut instinct was correct and the Trek Light Gear motto began to form: It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, LIFE is better in a hammock.

Since that day, our product line has expanded, but the emphasis is still the same.  Trek Light Gear promotes a lifestyle – lighten your load, relax, improve your outdoor experiences, care about the environment, slow down and appreciate life (I could go on).  But that lifestyle comes in many, many forms and has no boundaries when it comes to age, gender, hobbies or passions.   The very same hammock that’s featured in a survival or hunting magazine as a must-have piece of technical gear is also recommended by mommy bloggers as a perfect item for the family to take down to the park on a Sunday afternoon.  I’ll often joke about the fact that Trek Light Gear has been featured in both Penthouse and a Martha Stewart magazine, but it really is a huge testament to the broad appeal of our products.

Trek Light Gear - Fan Photos
Trek Light Gear - Fan Photos
Trek Light Gear - Fan Photos
Trek Light Gear - Fan Photos

The Trek Light Gear 2010 Gift Guide


We’ve come a long way since the days of setting up a booth with only one product to sell.  If you want to be a rock star gift giver this holiday season (or for any birthdays, graduations or celebrations coming up) here are some suggestions from our growing product line:


Single/Double Hammock

Who: EVERYONE on your list.

Why: Everyone could use some hammock relaxation in their life and whether it stays indoors, in the backyard or they travel the world with it you can’t go wrong.

Buy Here: Single Hammock or Double Hammock

Trek Light Eco Totes

Who: The perfect stocking stuffer for the whole family:  1.) Whoever does the shopping, from weekly groceries to the bookstore to the mall.   2.) The kids can use the small totes to take their lunch to school and Mom or Dad can bring their lunch to work. 3.) Perfect for anyone who travels for business or to take for shopping on any vacation.  

Bonus: Instead of a stocking stuffer, use the Eco Totes as gift bag and save another unnecessary pile of wrapping paper.

Why: There’s a reason plastic bags are being banned all over the world.  They have a horrible environmental impact and if it’s somehow not on your radar yet it will be very soon.  Trek Light’s Eco Totes will help anyone you know kick their plastic bag habit with a practical and stylish solution.  Just like our hammocks they pack down to a tiny size, meaning you can easily carry them with you without feeling like a crazy bag person. Buy Here: Small Eco Tote, Medium Eco ToteDeluxe Eco Tote

Trek Flight Pocket Flyer

Who: Another great stocking stuffer for the young and the young at heart.

Why: Tossing a frisbee around on a sunny day is hard to beat.   Just like our hammocks, the Trek Flight is designed to pack down small so you have no excuse not to bring it along, whether that’s just down to the park or on your next vacation or camping trip.

Buy Here: Trek Flight Pocket Flyer

Trek Light SIGG Water Bottle

Anyone in your family who still buys bottled water or has been toting around the same plastic water bottle for years.

Why: Single use plastic water bottles are another of our biggest and most damaging environmental wastes right now (even if you reuse and refill them a couple times).  Studies have proven that bottled water is often no different than the water that comes from your tap and there’s no excuse for not having a reusable water bottle that you can fill and take with you just as easily.   SIGG bottles rock, taste great, are BPA-free and are backed by a lifetime warranty.  Not only that, we’ve got them available in great Trek Light Gear designs that will ensure the recipient is proud to show off their new bottle.

Buy Here: Jeep Design SIGG Bottle or Palm Reader SIGG Bottle

Trek Light Ultralight Carabiners

Who: Another great stocking stuffer for anyone outdoorsy or anyone who likes tools and gadgets they like to show off to their friends.

Why: Our ultralight carabiners have been a huge hit ever since we introduced them.  While they’re a great accessory for hanging the hammock, their popularity reaches well beyond the hammock users.  They weigh less than an ounce and almost magically hold up to 1100lbs.

They’re the type of thing Dad will keep on his keychain and end up showing off to everyone he knows.  There’s just something about how light it feels that makes people think ‘There’s no way this holds 1100lbs!’.  Well it does, and whether it stays on the keychain, ends up on a hammock or gets put to use hoisting that canoe up in the garage, it’s sure to amaze every time.

Buy Here: Ultralight Carabiners


Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to share your stories in the comments if you’ve given Trek Light Gear gifts in the past (or come on back at any time and let us know how it went this year). 

If you know someone who already owns a Trek Light Hammock, don’t forget about our great hammock accessories like our  hammock mosquito nets, our hammock rain fly or hammock gear loft.  

If you’ve got somebody on your list that’s a little bit picky, you can always get them one of our Gift Certificates so they can pick out their own Trek Light gifts!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Trek Light Gear!

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