Gift Guide 2019: Stocking Stuffer Gifts Under $40 - Trek Light Gear

Gift Guide 2019: Stocking Stuffer Gifts Under $40

Hot take: stocking stuffers are the best part of gift-getting.

Look, we know that bigger ticket items like Trek Light Gear blankets, fancy slow cookers, and a new tablet are among the most coveted items during the holidays...but! stocking stuffers are consistently fun and surprising. 

Stocking stuffers are small purchases that bring lots of joy and, if you do it right, they can also be gifts that stand out and get loved even more than the big gifts on your list. 

Because the holidays are a spendy time, we’ve put together this Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide with our favorite products that are all $40 and under

And, since “stocking stuffers” is also just another way of referring to small and inexpensive gifts - this gift guide is also perfect for the teachers, bosses, postal workers, and more in your life


Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide: Gifts Under $40


Bindle Compact Daypack

Bindle Daypack

If you’re thinking “a backpack in a stocking?”, we get it but hear us out -- it’s super compact!

This hardy, ultralight daypack folds up into a tiny pouch that fits into your pocket...and the hand-knitted stocking Grandma insisted on making the year you were born.

Excellent for carrying things around and getting compliments on your gear style choices. 


New Orleans Travel Guide

Field Guides

2020 is going to be a big year.

Gifting in useful items like these Field Guides can spark someone’s wanderlust and inspire a year full of exciting travel.

We’ve got a whole range of guides that can help plan a new adventure: New Orleans, the American South, San Francisco, LA, Brooklyn, and more. 


Happy Tumbler

An intention-filled mug that can be filled with whatever your heart desires.

With it’s joy-spreading message, your giftee can feel a sense of calm and clarity, whenever they take a sip of their coffee, tea, cocoa, or whiskey (hey, we don’t judge). 


This Must be the Place Sticker Pack

Small but mighty. Sweet and sticky.

This sticker pack shows off all parts of our planet (ocean, desert, mountains) and gives those who get it a nice reminder:

This life is short. Make the best of it. This is the place we’re meant to be. 


Kindness Magnet Dalai Lama

Kindness Magnet

Giving a gift that speaks to what the world needs more of (kindness), can only be a good thing.

It’s an easy gift to give, and the reminder will go a long way. 


We All Shine On Pennant

Shine On Pennant

This is a small gift that will brighten up any room.

Our Shine On Pennant Flag promotes well being and being a straight-up ray of sunshine -- things everyone should focus on in their lives.

Posted in an office, living room, dorm room...any place it lives, it adds a pop of goodness. 


Modern Prayer Flags

May You Always Prayer Flags

A staple in many homes of those who love the outdoors, traveling, or a notion of peace, our May You Always Prayer Flags are a beautiful take on a long tradition.

With an inspiring positive intention on each flag, they’re also the perfect gift for any child’s room or nursery.


The Mountains Are Calling

The Mountains are Calling Key Tag

File key tags under “things we forget we need more of.''

Made to remind you to get outside and follow your heart to the mountains, this key tag is a perfect stocking stuffer.

Better yet, add a key that leads somewhere mysterious (a cabin getaway?) for an extra special big gift. 


Your new favorite shirt

Your New Favorite Shirt

Who doesn't need a new favorite t-shirt in their lives?

Our tri-blend shirts are so soft and cozy, it feels like your old favorite shirt the moment you put it on.

From our best-selling Hammock Time design (available in both English and Spanish) to our Outsider and Colorado tees, you can't go wrong in picking out an affordable and wearable gift that is sure to be loved for years.


The Gift That Gives Back 

Remember, every product you see in our shop is also part of our 1-For-1 Giveback program. So, don't hesitate to let the giftee know that their 'little' gift also did a lot of good in the world.

Happy holidays and happy gifting!


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