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Extreme Hammocks!

We're proud to announce our official alliance with Team Extreme, the inventors and practitioners of a great new 'sport' known as Extreme Hammocking!

You can read all about them on their website extremehammock.com, but suffice to say they're right up our alley and we're proud to have them on board. They've been featured on MTV Live, Gizmodo.com, and various other blogs, radio and TV stations across the planet.


Extreme Hammocks

Owning a Trek Light Hammock gives you the ability to leave your backyard behind and enjoy the comfort of a hammock wherever you are. While these guys are certainly bound to take it to a whole new level, we're proud to see that they've got the right idea.

Here's some pictures from a recent photo shoot they did with Trek Light Hammocks:

Another day at the Ball Park - Extreme Hammocks
Team Extreme Hanging Out
Extreme Hammocks Logo

Stay tuned for more pictures from Team Extreme and be sure to check out their page for more photos of Trek Light Hammocks in action.

[Necessary disclaimer: Please use safety whenever you are laying in a hammock of any kind. Make sure you fasten the hammock securely and always use common sense.]

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