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Celebrate Earth Day


This Sunday, April 22nd, is Earth Day

Regardless of whether Earth Day is a big event in your life or something that you just like to acknowledge (perhaps with a half-serious "Happy Earth Day!" to a friend), we'd like to remind you to take a moment and try to think of just one thing that you can do on Sunday to really honor Earth Day.

You can plant a tree in your yard, pick up trash in your neighborhood or donate some money to your favorite environmental charity. You don't have to attend a parade or wear a 'Save the Polar Bears' t-shirt - if you can just do one simple thing to honor the Earth on Sunday you'll play a vital role in making our planet a better place. 

And if you need a rest after planting that tree or cleaning up your local park, go ahead and kick back in a Trek Light Hammock and enjoy yourself...you deserve it. 

Happy Earth Day (seriously),
Trek Light Hammocks

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