The Banana Hammock That Destroys Cancer

“Do you guys sell banana hammocks?”

Hammock comedy…I’ve heard it all over the years.  We’re in the hammock business (which to some is funny in and of itself) and our customers have proven that there’s no shortage of puns, hammock humor and witty comments whenever a hammock is involved.   If there’s one recurring theme we’ve heard the most over the years,  it always comes back to the banana hammock.  (If you’re not familiar with the banana hammock slang, educate yourself here)

We love to have fun at Trek Light Gear and welcome all the jokes you can throw our way, but if there’s one thing we do take seriously it’s our mission to use this business to make a difference in the world around us.   (If you’re curious to know more about what we do – check out this recent full page feature on Trek Light Gear in Entrepreneur Magazine).

As many of you know, we’ve been planting thousands of trees as part of our Buy A Hammock, Plant A Tree program.  And we’re currently putting the finishing touches on some brand new partnerships that I can’t wait to share with you – together we’ll soon be doing incredible things like bringing clean drinking water to those who desperately need it around the world, as well as getting much needed school supplies to children in developing countries. I’m so excited to expand our ability to make a difference in the world into more causes that matter deeply to me.

But, right now, I know there’s one issue that hits close to home to absolutely everyone reading this: Cancer.

Cancer sucks.

It’s taken loved ones from my life as I’m sure it has yours and it’s a looming threat that hangs over each of our heads as we continue to discover more and more things that can cause cancer in our daily lives.

The good news? The war against cancer isn’t like the war on drugs, the war on terrorism or the war on _____.   Just as we’ve overcome so many other seemingly impossible diseases and illnesses in our incredible history of medical science, we have the power and the ability to completely eradicate cancer once and for all...and we will. 

Banana Hammock - Limited Edition Cancer Fundraiser
So, today I’m proud to finally say to all of you: Yes, we do sell banana hammocks.

But these are no ordinary banana hammocks, and they’re definitely not those banana hammocks – these banana hammocks are going to help to destroy cancer once and for all.

Available right now on our site in a very limited initial quantity, we’ll be donating 20% of all the proceeds to the fight against cancer.

Right now you can be the first to own a special edition Double Banana Hammock and know that all your witty hammock jokes are doing a lot more good in the world than just making us laugh at the office.

Trek Light Gear’s  Banana Hammocks will initially be sold in a limited edition bundle which includes our Go Anywhere Rope Kit, a pair of Ultralight Carabiners, a hammock beer koozie, a TLG sticker, a commemorative magnet (see the awesomeness below) and our lifelong gratitude for your support of this incredibly important mission.

Business with purpose, business for a cause.

It’s what we believe in at Trek Light Gear and together we’re going to make a big difference in the world.  So, bring on all the banana hammock jokes you’ve got and let’s laugh our way towards a cure together.

Banana Hammock Magnet
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