Trek Light Adventures: A Video Introduction from Joe and Andy

The traveling duo of Joe and Andy also go by the name of “Team Free Base” in honor of their quest to always have a free base to explore from while staying mobile and traveling light. 

If you haven’t been following their blog series, it all started with an email they sent in letting us know how happy they were that they brought along their Trek Light Hammocks on their adventure .  I immediately wrote back and asked if they were interested in keeping us up to date on their travels and sharing their Trek Light adventures with you, the faithful readers of the Trek Life blog. 

I’ve since received a number of great letters and photos and now I’m happy to share the first video they were able to send in.  Because of their limited internet time video is a bit harder for them to send but hopefully we’ll continue to get to see more in the weeks ahead.

Trek Life readers meet Joe and Andy – as always they’ll be checking the blog when they can so don’t hesitate to say hello back in the comments!

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