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Taos Adventure Blanket

There's a story in Taos town.

That if a stranger comes around
When a fresh snow is on the ground,
A new love will be born in Taos.

That night there came a snow
In the mountains and the valleys below
And I found a love that's true I know
In Taos, New Mexico.

- Waylon Jennings

The Adventure Blanket

Remember your favorite blanket as a child?

The one that you took everywhere, the one that made you feel safe, and the one that smelled like every memory you've ever had?

You're a grown-up now.

And this is your new Adventure Binky.

A Blanket For Life

Beach Blanket. Picnic Blanket. Camping Blanket. Life Blanket.

From music festivals to romantic nights under the stars, and from the back of your campervan to the edge of the Grand Canyon - the Taos Adventure Blanket from Trek Light Gear is your new best friend. 

This heavyweight blanket (go ahead, call it Trek Heavy) will keep you warm and comfy on cold nights and is oversized so you've got plenty of room to share with a friend.


Buy a Blanket Plant A Tree - Social Give Back Program

When you buy this blanket, you change the world.

For every blanket sold, we work with Trees For The Future to plant a tree in your honor.

Why is that so powerful? By helping small farmers and villages around the world with the planting of fruit & vegetable trees, shade trees and more, together we're going beyond basic environmental change. Your simple purchase creates a chain reaction that will feed the hungry, create small business, and generate a huge amount of social good and happiness. You get an amazing blanket and create a legacy of change.

We think that's a pretty good reason to relax.

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  • Heavyweight design for durability and warmth
  • Thunderbird pattern with vivid colors and fringed ends
  • Woven on a traditional hand loom from thick acrylic spun yarn
  • Extra big blanket for sharing and cuddling
  • Uses: Yoga blanket, tapestry, bedspread, throw blanket, van life accessory, covering up large stains with style, putting over someone you love when they fall asleep on the couch and feeling awesome about yourself.


  • Length: 7ft / 2.1m
  • Width: 5ft / 1.5m
  • Weighs: 4.5lbs
  • 70% Acrylic, 30% Polyester
  • Recommended Hand Wash or Dry Clean
  • As a handmade item, there may be slight variances in each blanket
  • Lifetime Warranty & Happiness Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
What a great blanket!

This blanket just screams quality! It's that old school craftsmanship you saw in blankets you remember as a kid. Super happy that this will be around for a long long time...

Gregg! You rock! Wishing you years of happiness with your new favorite blanket! :)
Camping necessity

Now that we’ve got it, couldn’t be without it. Well made, heavyweight and beautiful.

We'd have to agree that it's a camp necessity. :) Glad to hear you're loving the blanket!
My favorite blanket

This blanket it amazing. The super big size makes it great for sharing. the material is just as perfect for the couch as it is for the beach. The color are also amazing.

Calway! Glad to hear your blanket is joining you on adventures and at home. Happy trails!

I was highly impressed with the quality of the Taos blanket when it arrived! It's thick, heavy, and a great big size. Far exceeded my expectations. It's a great price for the quality. We'll be getting more in the future, I'm sure of it. Especially since all of my kids and my dogs think this blanket belongs to them.

Kendra! You rock! Thanks for the kind note. It sounds like you have a few more Taos blankets in your near future. :) Happy snuggling with your family!

Absolutely beautiful. Craftsmanship is excellent. Love the colors. Thank you soooo much

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