Field Guide: American South

"There's a southern accent, where I come from
The young 'uns call it country
The Yankees call it dumb
I got my own way of talkin' but everything is done
with a southern accent
where I come from."

-Thomas Earl Petty


The Ultimate Road Trip Guide: American South

Through this multilayered portrait of the American South, discover the soul and secrets of the region from folk artists, social justice reformers, jazz icons, renowned storytellers, pitmaster legends and more.

Spanish Moss. The Cajun Bayou. BBQ so good they'll need to carry you home....there's nothing quite like the American South.

Equal parts travel guide and tribute, the American South field guide contains personal essays, hand-drawn maps, interviews, and local lore.

While it functions as a perfect guide to an upcoming road trip, its real beauty lies in its lasting ability to capture your imagination and enlighten you even if you've done a lifetime of exploring the area. 


Wildsam Travel Field Guide: American South
American South Travel Guide - Alabama Folk Art

Over 140 pages filled with local stories, travel intel and modern lore.

The best things to do? It's got that too.

  • The best meat and BBQ joints
  • Blues musicians of note
  • Intel from a legendary horse jockey
  • Notable terrain formations & where to find them
  • Scenic drives in every southeastern state
  • Map of Alabama folk art
  • An ode to the mint julep
  • How the town of Spectre came to be
  • An interview with a barbecue legend
  • The essential list of southern books, films & music



Wildsam Road Trip Field Guide: American South

Praise For Wildsam Field Guides

Unlike traditional guidebooks that list the same old must-see sights and touristy neighborhoods, this new series, entitled Wildsam Field Guides, gets at the soul of a city.
-Conde Nast Traveler

These pocket guides cover more than just where to drink. More storybook than guidebook, Wildsam's slim volumes include local culture and history, essays, short stories, illustrations, and short biographies the kind of information you need to truly learn about a place rather than just putting together a tick-list of things to do.
-Outside Magazine

For tireless seekers of the authentic (or anyone with a serious Instagram habit who's on the hunt for offbeat sights), this pocket-size guidebook eschews the boring-but-practical stuff in favor of evoking what the jacket copy calls a "bygone sense of place."
-Wall Street Journal

City guides with a Wes Anderson aesthetic.
-AFAR Magazine

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I love this guide!

This is a unique guide to my favorite place, the American South. My order was shipped in a very timely manner and I was kept in the loop as to where my package was and when it would be in my hands. There was even a little hand-written thank you on the invoice! I love it. I will definitely be shopping this company again.

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