Trek Light Adventures: A Few More From Belize

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Joe and Andy (aka Team Free Base) are back with a short update from Belize.

What’s up Trek Light,

Here are some more pictures from our travels. Team Free Base helps out

We threw the first pic in just for fun so you guys don’t think all we do every single day is find cool places to set up our hammocks. (Ed. Note: That is not something we frown upon ) It is in Benque, Belize at a local elementary school. We volunteered to help paint a classroom one Sunday and had some extra time to express ourselves. This Free Base tag was covered however because we remain aware that our message can be easily misunderstood. That’s why one of our motto’s is ¨redefine¨, it goes for everything, words or preconceptions, and it is meant to portray the fact that you shouldn’t take things at first glance but rather go and find out for yourself. Trek Light Hammock Bunk Beds

The second and third pics are the bunk bed hammocks  being put to use. Andy and our friend Tinike chill out and talk as they’re only a few feet away. The leaf in the foreground of the second pic mimics the feather light feel of the Trek Light experience, or is it the other way around...

Tinike stands freely in the third pic showing that you don´t always need to sit to chill. Both of these pics are from San Jose Succotz, Belize at the Trek Stop.

Trek Light Hammock Bunk Beds - Don't try this at home

Staying lifted, Andy and Joe... when home is overgrown, Free Base

Hope you’re enjoying the updates from Joe and Andy as much as we are. We’ve got a couple more updates ready to be posted soon and you won’t believe where Trek Light has enabled them to go (and vice versa). 

Don’t forget, if you’re on your own Trek Light Adventure or you’re about to be – get in touch with us and we’ll feature your stories and pictures on the blog!

Seth Haber - Founder, CEO
Seth Haber - Founder, CEO

Over 15 years ago I started a small business with the goal of making the world a better place one hammock at a time. Thanks for reading and being part of this incredible community - never stop paying it forward.

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