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The Ultimate College Care Package

Ah, college. A time for fun, new friends, and...feeling homesick.

The stretch between the start of the school year and Thanksgiving can feel like a long one, and care packages are a great way to give a little boost when it’s needed most. 

In our humble opinion, the best kind of college care packages are the ones filled with personal details as well as handy items that will make one’s time at college feel cozy and comfy.

When we put together the ultimate college care package, it looks like this:

Tasty Treats

Whether homemade or store bought, select some delicious goodies that your child, friend, or self (no one said you couldn’t gift yourself!) would want to snack on.

Choose something that reminds them of home or a treat they love to indulge in.

Ice Breakers

College is a time for making friends, but making friends can be tough. Send an item that helps in the process.

Try our Light Up Bocce Ball Set, a hammock (see below), or any fun group games.

Breaking the ice can be really fun, and make all the difference in a college transition.


Laundry detergent? Hair ties? Toothpaste? Getting a small refill on an essential item can feel good.

Add something super useful that will save your student/friend/self a trip to the store.


Socks are easy to lose, so re-up your student’s supply with cushy socks that’ll be perfect for fall.


A hammock should be a required item for college students. It’s a bed on-the-go and an easy way to make friends both on campus and off.

Send our Double Hammock, and your college student is bound to make a pal.

A handy pair of key tags

Losing your keys is a painful experience. College kids juggle a lot and key tags *might* mean they won’t lose their keys as easily.

We’ve got some great retro key tags with sayings that bring a smile to mind. 

A trusty blanket

Whether studying or study breaking, getting outside in the Quad or local park is the way to do it.

A high quality indoor/outdoor blanket will help any college student keep cozy in their dorm room and out in the field.

Bonus - blankets can also be used to decorate their dorm room and score some major style points.

A personal note

Everyone needs a reminder that they’re loved and cared for.

Include a personal note with well wishes and good vibes. We promise it’ll go a long way. 


    Need more ideas for fun items to include? We’ve got a collection filled with great college gift ideas on our site .

    Check them out and start creating a thoughtful and fun college care package for your favorite student today!


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