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How To Make Your Bedroom Pop

Given that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, our beds should be a place that's comfy, cozy, and feels like a retreat from the world.

To some that might mean piles of pillows and thick blankets, to others it could mean silk sheets and blackout curtains.

However it is that you bring comfort to your bedroom, we applaud it--sleeping well is a healthy habit and working out ways to sleep better is vital.

And while we can’t make you meditate before bed, drink enough water, and minimize screen time before you hit the hay (all ways to sleep better, folks!), we can help make your bed a good-looking oasis.

Here are a few ways to make that bedroom of yours POP:


Decorate With Blankets

It’s no surprise, but we love blankets.

Layered blankets, draped blankets, folded blankets, tapestry blankets...

However you put a blanket on your bed, might we suggest a beautiful Trek Light Gear blanket to really make your space shine?

The Eldorado Blanket, Peace Blanket, Monterey Blanket and Radium Blanket make for beautiful spreads on any bed.

You can still keep your comforter or matching blanket & sheet set that you love, just add a stylish blanket on top and your bedroom will instantly pop - and you've got some extra warmth whenever you need it.


Hang Some Flags

The right colors in your bedroom bring the mind a sense of peace and calm.

Hang our Modern Prayer Flags over your bed, tack them to the wall, or place them within eyesight of your pillow, so you can always feel at peace when you lie down to rest.

With intentions that honor the outdoors and celebrate many of life’s wonderful offerings, this modern twist on a much-beloved tradition will make any bedroom feel special. 


Pile on the Pillows

The more pillows, the merrier. That’s our stance.

To make your bed pop or stand out, add different textured pillows and a varying degree of colors to the decoration.

If you’ve got a multi-colored bedspread, use solid color pillows and ones of different shapes and sizes.

If you’ve got a bedspread that’s the opposite, add in some patterns and textures to make your bed feel distinct.


Light a Candle

Candles make everything better.

Our sense of smell triggers memories, elicit feelings, and help us relax.

Light our Under The Stars Candle to feel truly at peace and centered when reading in bed or watching a movie on your laptop.

It will help keep things cozy and make the vibe feel intimate and welcoming, which is just what you need after a long day of livin’.


Throw a rug under it


They’re versatile. And they can really tie a room together.

From runners at the end of your bed or alongside the side to a big piece that runs underneath the entire bed, a rug feels luxurious and makes the space feel complete.

Sweet dreams!


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