Trek Light Gear Introduces the World’s First True Floating Hammock

For immediate press release:

Boulder, Colorado-based Trek Light Gear has added to its line of hammock lifestyle products with the launch of the patent-pending Trek […]

Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown: Guy Solves 3 Rubik’s Cubes in 6 Minutes, While Juggling Them

Too amazing not to share.  “Sir Ravi The Juggler” made a name for himself earlier this year when he posted of a video of […]

How to Make an Alcohol Burning Stove From a Coke Can

I just came across this great How To courtesy of Snapguide and thought you’d all enjoy it:

How to Make an Alcohol Burning Stove From […]

Let’s Rally To Ride The American Dream!

The American Dream is for sale, and we want to buy it and share it with you – but we need your help.  Just watch this video and everything will be clear:

If you’ve followed along with us you’ve seen us mention this amazing creation before – it was designed and built by the brilliant minds at North Street Labs and has been featured all over the internet since it’s debut.  I reached out directly to the NSL crew back in 2010 when I first heard about the project and immediately got them a Trek Light hammock to use with it.  We’ve stayed in touch ever since and now they’re selling the American Dream to generate money for future projects – and if the amazing CentriFury is any indication I expect big things from these guys. (Even better – the NSL team just posted a video of their latest creation, a propeller-powered car built in 48 hours – watch the video and you’ll even see them grabbing quick power naps in their Trek Light Hammock during the build!)

Ever since I first saw the video of the drivable hammock stand I’ve been dreaming of ways to put it to use.  My goal has always been to spread the message that life is better in a hammock and to bring social good in the form of a business –  what better way to get there than with an attention-getting drivable hammock?!? […]