Best Buy Testing Free e-Waste Recycling Program

A very encouraging development from Best Buy: Under pressure to help dispose some of the electronic waste it […]

The Extra Mile Endurathon – A Skeptic Comes Around

What’s the longest amount of time you’ve ever walked for?

Over the weekend (and extending into the week), three people in Boulder broke the world record […]

A Short Hike Can Be An Unprepared Hike: Insulation

Living in Boulder and being so close to the mountains, it’s easy to squeeze in a quick hike at the drop of a hat.? But […]

30th Annual Bolder Boulder 10K Road Race

Memorial Day weekend means a lot of things to a lot of people – a chance to honor our fallen vets, camping, BBQ’s, picnics,  a […]

National Park Entrance Fees Frozen at 2007 Levels

Some good news for those visiting National Parks this year without an annual pass, there were a number of planned entrance fee rate hikes that […]’s Top 100 Trails | The Best Trails in North America

I’ve never been a huge fan of   There’s just something about charging for online reviews and descriptions of hiking trails that seems so 1990’s […]

Centuries later, the hammock is still swinging

Centuries later, the hammock is still swinging – Los Angeles Times : “The simple little sling has survived for more than […]

Premature Babies Respond To Hammock Therapy

I came across an interesting article the other day:

“Premature Babies Respond to Hammock Therapy”

Apparently they’re using ‘hammock therapy’ now to help with sleep apnea and […]