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Trek Light Gear Portable Hammocks and Reusable Bags

The V9 Strong Tarp

Life is better in a hammock, but let's face it - sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate. When the wind and rain does come in, you'll be happy you've got Trek Light Gear's exclusive V9 Strong Tarp. Packable and portable, the V9 Tarp weighs in at only 2 lbs and packs down into its own attached pouch so you'll never lose it.

The V9 Strong Tarp is designed with durability and strength at the forefront and trust us, when the wind starts whipping and the rain starts pouring you'll know why. Unlike many 'ultralight' tarps on the market you don't need to worry about a strong wind literally blowing right through your tarp - the V9 is all you need to keep the wind and rain at bay.

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Price: $84.95
The V9 Strong Tarp
The V9 Strong Tarp
The V9 Strong Tarp
The V9 Strong Tarp
The V9 Strong Tarp
The V9 Strong Tarp
The V9 Strong Tarp
The V9 Strong Tarp
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Weight: 2 lbs
Dimensions: 9'x9'
Tie-Outs: 3 on each edge (8 unique tie-out points)
Color: Black on one side, Silver on the other.
Included: Each V9 tarp comes a thick ridgeline cord as well as plenty of tie-out line for securing the edges of your tarp. Since every location can require a slightly different tarp setup based on your surroundings, the included Tie-Out line is uncut for your convenience. Simply cut the line as needed.

The V9 Tarp is made with polyester treated ripstop nylon and is extremely versatile - there are 3 grommet tie-out point on each edge and it comes with enough cord to tie it out or stake it out in any situation (stakes are not included with the tarp). It even has a reflective underside to help you keep the sun out or the heat in on a cold night.

Setting Up Your V9 Tarp:

To begin, tie the included ridgeline cord (thick) from tree to tree above the hammock. You can also just tie the ridgeline cord directly to your hammock's suspension (Go Anywhere Rope Kit) instead, which can be useful if the trees are really far apart or have thick trunks. As long as the cord is tight, above your head and extending slightly beyond the end of your hammock you're all set.

Next, drape the tarp over the ridgeline cord. You can choose to set it up as a square or a diamond shape over the hammock(picture laying it flat on the ground, rotating a square to the side will give you a diamond) and here's the difference:

Square: If you're expecting side winds and blowing rain this is the way to go. A square tarp setup will give you full side coverage (much like an A-frame tent/shelter) to keep out blowing wind and rain.

Diamond: The diamond shape gives you a longer center ridgeline (~'12) and the angled sides will allow for more airflow and visibility. If you've got trees that are 12+ feet apart and you're not worried about a very windy storm, this is a great way to stay protected from the elements while still keeping an open-air feel.

Once you've chosen your tarp layout, simply drape it over the ridgeline and begin using the tie-out line to tie (or optionally stake) the tarp until it's secure. Again depending on the weather, you may choose to tie one side of the tarp up high (to a surrounding tree) as an open awning or you may want to stake it down to the ground if you're dealing with blowing rain.

The versatility of the V9 Tarp means you can set it up quickly and easily for whatever weather situation is at hand!



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"Excellent Tarp"

Jonathan Revere on 6/9/2014 9:55:52 PM


Review Text: I purchased the V9 strong tarp in 2010. In short it has become the most versatile/vital piece of gear I bring with me on hikes and backpack trips. At 2 lbs it is a perfect mate with a 1 lb hammock for a shelter/sleep system. I've always felt confident of it's quality and strength as a shelter, and I feel this was the right compromise I was looking for on compactness, weight, strength, durability, and cost. Buy a figure 9 carabiner for the ridgeline - it's critical that it is tight and this is th... Jump To Product Specs And More Details


"V9 Strong Tarp"

JIM PARKER on 11/25/2011 10:57:54 AM


Review Text: This is a heavy, bombproof tarp! It is ~22" too short (longest corner to corner) to fully protect your double hammock in heavy blowing rain. Due to weight it is not suited to my minimalist ultralight packing style. Quality appears good. It is too heavy for me and poorly sized for your double hammock. [TLG Response: Don't forget you've got the option of hanging the tarp as a diamond shape which gives you a full 12' ridgeline (much longer than the hammock). Even when setup as a square (to give you... Jump To Product Specs And More Details


"Exactly What I Needed!"

Mike J. on 1/20/2010 8:02:34 PM


Review Text: Finally got my hands on Trek Light's new tarp and I'm extremely impressed with another great product from one of my favorite companies. I've tried a number of lighter-weight tarps than this and for what they cost they're far too delicate. I need my camping equipment to be a good balance between lightweight and durable and this more than does the trick for me. Thanks again Trek Light...


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