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Trek Light Gear Portable Hammocks and Reusable Bags - Trek Lightly


Trek Light Gear Hammocks, Safe and Fun for Kids

It’s a fact: kids love our hammocks! If you have kids, or work with kids, bring a Trek Light Gear portable hammock along on your next trip to the park, playground or wherever you like to take them. The kids will love running around and playing in the hammock and pretty soon you’ll probably find yourself playing right in there with them.

Chances are, if you grew up with a hammock in your backyard or knew someone who had a hammock in their yard, you have fond memories of playing in it with your siblings or friends. There’s just something about a hammock and the feeling of being elevated off the ground that makes children endlessly entertained. However, most of those fun memories likely also involve a concerned parent keeping a close eye on the hammock shenanigans, reminding you constantly how easily you could fall out and hurt yourself or get tangled up and caught in the rope. While you may remember laughing even when you did fall out of the hammock, the truth is that the traditional rope hammocks do involve a definite risk when children are playing.

Trek Light Gear Hammocks, Safe and Fun for Kids

Trek Light Gear is here to change all of that. With our safe, No-Flip™ design, you can rest easy that they won’t hurt themselves by swinging too far and falling out. Children can get as close as they want to the edge and the hammock itself will never flip over and put them at risk of getting hurt. Our soft, parachute nylon design also means that there aren’t any holes, loops, or anything at all for an arm or a leg to get caught in or tangled up in. While any small child should obviously be supervised whenever possible*, we’ve taken the worry out of the hammock experience to give your children, or the children you’re responsible for, a product that is safer and more comfortable than the hammocks you grew up with without losing any of the fun.

Trek Light Gear Hammocks, Safe and Fun for Kids

Trek Light Gear's portable hammocks hold up to 400 pounds, so your kids can sit in the hammock together, or sit in the hammock with you as you read them a book or examine a flower. Our line of Double Hammocks are perfect for the whole family. If they need a rest from the playground or the game, they can curl up in a portable hammock and rejuvenate instead of getting cranky from too much activity! You can set them up at barbeques, in your kids’ bedrooms, on playgrounds, or anywhere else where you or your kids could use some down time. If you already have a sturdy playground or swing set in your backyard you can usually hang the hammock right from the playground itself, so you never need to decide between one or the other if space is an issue. Trek Light portable hammocks can add a great new twist to the summer overnight sleepover – next time the kids ask if they can sleep outside in a tent, let them sleep under the stars and they’ll soon be begging for more outdoor adventures!

Don't take our word for it, order a Trek Light portable hammock today and see for yourself – your kids will thank you!

*Even though Trek Light Gear's portable hammocks will not spin or flip while in use, it's certainly possible for anyone to lean too far over the edge and fall out or to roll out while playing in the hammock. Please remember to use good judgment when small children are playing in the hammock and make sure the hammock is always setup low to the ground and not over any rocks or sharp objects.
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