Shaped Gear Patches

Last summer, I spent hours cutting my repair patches into fun shapes and what did I end up with?

A Sasquatch that looked like a snow man and a moon that everyone thought was a banana.  

Then I discovered these beautiful things.

Don't make the same mistake I did.

Repair Your Gear In Style


If you're going to be seen with a repair patch on your backpack, jacket, sleeping bag or any other piece of gear - why not look good doing it?

These Tenacious Tape repair patches are built tough - weather resistant, multipurpose and washable to make your gear feel like new again. They offer the same extreme repair capabilities as any roll of Tenacious tape, with a lot of added style.

(Note: These patches are ideal for nearly any gear repair, but when it comes to hammocks specifically, you'll want to use these Flex Patches instead.)


The Easy To Apply, Fix Anything Repair Patch

Tenacious Tape Gear Repair patches are easy to apply to your backpack, jacket, pants, tent, sleeping bag, fishing waders, or any piece of gear that needs a quick and reliable repair.

Just clean and dry the area, peel the patch from the backing and apply it just like you would a piece of tape!


Awesome, Even When Nothing's Broken

When repair patches look this cool, it's hard to resist thinking of them as cool stickers for your every day gear. And why shouldn't you?

Whether it's for kids or adult kids, these patches are an awesome way to accessorize any of your day to day gear.

These awesome Shaped Gear Patches are weather resistant and washable accessories for your favorite outdoor gear. So, go ahead and stick a Sasquatch on your bike helmet, a trout on your waders, and some s'mores on your puffy jacket, even when nothing's broken - you have our permission.

Each pack comes with over 30 patches!


Repair Patch Shapes Stickers Tenacious Tape Fun Functional For Kids And Adults

You probably won't Need it,
which is exactly why you need it

Let's face it, sometimes we don't take the best care of our gear. And even when we do, Murphy's Law will always be there to poke holes in our favorite gear.

If you've accidentally punctured or torn your backpack, jacket, sleeping bag, tent or just about any other piece of gear - this is the repair patch you need to be back in action, and looking good while you're at it.



  • Easy Peel and Stick application
  • Weather Resistant and Washable
  • Awesome shapes to fit your style
  • Repair all your gear: Works on any Nylon, Canvas, Rubber or Plastic equipment for an easy and permanent fix


  • Brand: Gear Aid Tenacious Tape
  • Size: 3" x 20" overall, individual size varies by patch
  • Over 30 patches included!
  • Favorite Song: 'How Can You Mend A Broken Heart' by Al Green
  • Favorite Movie: Patch Adams

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Work great—and adorable

My only wish is that they were in colors too. Otherwise perfect!

Durable and fun

These are really great. I am so happy I bought them. They seem to be really tough and also quite unique

I’ve got a brand new jacket!

A few pulls on thorns made my NortH Face jacket a little crappy. I loved loved loved that my jacket was line new with an added cool factor.

Fabulous Gear!

Can't say enough good about the nylon repair patches. Have been showing the patch off to everyone!

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