Field Guide: Brooklyn

"No sleep till Brooklyn!
Foot on the pedal
Never ever false metal
Engine running hotter than a boiling kettle
My job ain't a job
It's a damn good time
City to city I'm running my rhymes"

-Beastie Boys

"So, if all your friends decided to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, you'd jump too?"

- My Dad

The Ultimate City Guide: Brooklyn, New York

Through this multilayered portrait of Brooklyn, discover the soul and secrets of the region from local recommendations, neighborhood profiles, interviews, maps and more. 

The best neighborhoods, the best pizza, and the best dive bars, deep from the heart of Brooklyn.

Equal parts travel guide and tribute, the Brooklyn field guide contains personal essays, hand-drawn maps, interviews, and local lore from an eclectic team of trusted locals - including writers, fashion designers, comedians, and chefs, who all share a big-hearted story of the borough. 

While it functions as a perfect guide to an upcoming visit, its real beauty lies in its lasting ability to capture your imagination and enlighten you even if you're a local and have spent a lifetime exploring the area. 


Brooklyn Wildsam Travel Field Guide
Brooklyn Travel Guide - Stories, Essays and Culture

Over 140 pages filled with local stories, travel intel and modern lore.

The best things to do? It's got that too.

  • Seven small restaurants with new icon status
  • An illustrated Brooklyn guide for kids
  • Actress Rosie Perez on growing up in Bushwick
  • Quick bios of famous New York mobsters
  • The original egg cream recipe
  • An interview with the founder of Humans of New York
  • A 1949 account of Jackie Robinson’s racial triumphs
  • A deep dive into hip hop’s cultural roots
  • The golden era of comic books
  • Where to eat the finest slice of pizza


 Brooklyn Field & City Guide

Praise For Wildsam Field Guides

Unlike traditional guidebooks that list the same old must-see sights and touristy neighborhoods, this new series, entitled Wildsam Field Guides, gets at the soul of a city.
-Conde Nast Traveler

These pocket guides cover more than just where to drink. More storybook than guidebook, Wildsam's slim volumes include local culture and history, essays, short stories, illustrations, and short biographies the kind of information you need to truly learn about a place rather than just putting together a tick-list of things to do.
-Outside Magazine

For tireless seekers of the authentic (or anyone with a serious Instagram habit who's on the hunt for offbeat sights), this pocket-size guidebook eschews the boring-but-practical stuff in favor of evoking what the jacket copy calls a "bygone sense of place."
-Wall Street Journal

City guides with a Wes Anderson aesthetic.
-AFAR Magazine

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