Doughy Roaster

What if I told you that there was something that rivals s'mores when it comes to campfire desserts?

What if I also told you that same thing could beat your favorite camping breakfast, lunch or dinner?

You'd probably yell 'Fake News' and walk away, right?

Well, it's time you met your new best campfire friend - the Doughy Roaster.

Elevate Your Campfire Cooking


The Doughy. Campfire Biscuits. Dough Pies. David Dowies.

These campfire delicacies have gone by a lot of names over the years (okay, we made the last one up) and yet somehow they've remained a mostly underground secret with a cult following.

The old school way of making them required you to bring a large wooden dowel with you camping - it was bulky and inconvenient, but worth it when you got the finished product.

Now, there's a fun, easy and inexpensive way for kids and adults to make perfect-every-time Doughies around the fire, whether you're on the trail or in the backyard.

Is it easy as pie? Of course it is.


Campfire Cooking That's S'more Than Just Dessert

Minimal Preparation. Maximum Yum. Here's how easy it is:

  • Get a tin of pre-made biscuits (or make your own dough!)
  • Wrap the dough around the wooden end of the Doughy Roaster to form a cup-like shape.
  • Extend the telescoping pole and use the dial to easily rotate over the fire until the biscuit is cooked through.
  • Remove the dough cup from the end and fill it with awesomeness!!


When it comes to the filling, the possibilities are endless and can be adapted for any meal:

  • Breakfast: Add scrambled eggs, bacon & hash browns to the biscuit for an incredible campfire breakfast.
  • Lunch & Dinner: Ham / Steak & Cheese. Add pizza Sauce w/ mushrooms & cheese for a campfire calzone! 
  • Dessert: Any pie filling or fresh fruit with whipped cream on top. Or try some chocolate, a little peanut butter & a roasted marshmallow with some crumbled graham cracker on top for a truly elevated s'mores experience.  Whoa!

Got an awesome Doughy recipe to share? Let us know about it and we'll share them on our blog!

Buy a Doughy Roaster Plant A Tree - Social Give Back Program

When you buy this Doughy Roaster you help change the world.

For every Doughy Roaster sold, we work with Trees For The Future to plant a tree in your honor.

Why is that so powerful? By helping small farmers and villages around the world with the planting of fruit & vegetable trees, shade trees and more, together we're going beyond basic environmental change. Your simple purchase creates a chain reaction that will feed the hungry, create small business, and generate a huge amount of social good and happiness. You get an amazing new way to cook around the campfire and create a legacy of change.

We think that's a pretty good reason to relax.

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  • Sturdy and comfortable design
  • Telescoping rod for easy portability
  • Easy-spin rotisserie dial on the handle keeps it cooking evenly
  • Make incredible breakfast biscuit pies. Campfire calzones. And so much s'more.
  • You've got a little drool on your chin, just thought you should know.


  • Brand: Firebuggz
  • Color: Red
  • Telescoping Rod: 10" - 34"
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Hand wash with warm water and soap

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