Best Scuba Diving & Snorkel Gear: A Hammock

Best Scuba Diving Gear - The Trek Light Hammock

Must-Have Scuba Diving & Snorkel Gear:
The Trusty Hammock

If you’re like us, you can’t wait until your next diving or snorkel trip.

You plan your vacations around great scuba diving spots to check out what the local marine life has to offer, and you never pass up an opportunity to get on the water and under the water. Nothing is better than drifting through the bright blue water, hearing only the sound of your breathing and observing the myriad of colorful creatures that call the ocean home.

But what are you doing before, after and in between dives?

Well, you could be in hammock heaven.

Chances are, you are sitting on a boat, hanging on the beach, or enjoying the coastal scene. And you’re probably exhausted from a long day spent on the water.

Take it from us, the best way to relax in the sea breeze is in a Trek Light portable hammock.  

Trek Light's lightweight and portable hammocks were featured in Sport Diver Magazine as the perfect item to bring along on your next dive trip, and we couldn't agree more.


Sport Diver Magazine - Best Scuba & Snorkel Gear - Hammock


Worried about sea sickness?

The truth is that hammocks have been used for centuries as a way to prevent seasickness!

When you’re standing, sitting or even lying down in a boat, you’re connected to the boat’s movements, so you’re going to go wherever the boat goes. When you’re in a hammock, gravity will naturally pull you straight down and because you’re in the air and you’re not at the mercy of the boat’s movements. In your hammock, you may appear to be rocking, but it’s actually the boat that’s rocking while you are remaining relatively still. Your body’s equilibrium will know the difference, and you will be able to close your eyes, relax and forget about the rough seas. There’s a reason why boats and hammocks go so well together!

Not only is a Trek Light portable hammock the most comfortable seat to bring along on a dive trip, but it’s also the most practical. Trek Light Hammocks are made of quick-drying parachute nylon, so even if you get it soaked after a swim, it’s only minutes before the warm sunshine wicks that water away and you have a silky, soft seat for the rest of the trip. Unlike every other rope, canvas or cloth hammock on the market, your Trek Light hammock won’t ever rot or mildew.

Even if you prefer shore dives, a portable hammock is the perfect place to relax and decompress when you’re finished. Trek Light's hammocks are truly the perfect diving companion, at sea or on the beach.

Did we mention that all Trek Light hammocks come with a Lifetime Warranty & Happiness Guarantee?


Here's What Our Customers Say:

"All it took was one dive where a friend of mine had brought a Trek Light hammock along and set it up on the boat. I'll never head out for a dive without a hammock again!"

- Bryan C. 

"My husband finds it hilarious when I pack for my scuba trips - mask, fins, sunscreen...hammock. Once you know how good it feels to relax in a hammock before & after a dive (and just about every other day in my life) you'll understand why I don't go near the water without a Trek Light hammock along with me."

- Kayla K.


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