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Tracking shows my order as Delivered but I haven't received it yet. What should I do?

Occasionally, a shipping carrier will accidentally scan a package as delivered before it's actually been dropped off at your address. This can happen when it's changing locations, or at any point along its way to you.

These days, it's also common practice for a carrier like FedEx to hand your package over to USPS to complete the final delivery steps - the package is sometimes marked as delivered by FedEx when this hand-off occurs, but the actual delivery may not be scheduled for another day or two.

We always recommend reaching out to the carrier to report the missing package ASAP. They may be able to provide more insight into whether your package was actually delivered or incorrectly scanned. If you think your package was stolen after it was delivered you'll want to file a stolen package report.

It also may seem obvious, but please be sure to check other areas around your house where the package could have been dropped off like side entrances, bushes, under stairs, garage area, etc.. Also check with neighbors to see if the package could have accidentally ended with them.

In most cases the package is either delivered or found in 2-3 business days.

If you still can't locate your package, make sure to contact us ASAP so we can do everything on our end to help you out.

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