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Blanket Care Instructions



For the absolute best results, we recommend dry cleaning the blankets as it will always be the safest and most gentle process for them.

But, we're also big fans of this Mitch Hedberg line:

"This shirt is dry clean only. Which means... it's dirty."

We get it, having something like a blanket that you use all the time require you to make a trip to the dry cleaners can be a deterrent. Which is why we made sure that all of our current blankets are washer-friendly! Just do it with love.

If you do wash at home, just make sure you do it on a cold, delicate cycle and then hang the blanket to air dry or tumble dry on the lowest heat and tumble setting (delicate). If needing to wash multiple blankets, we recommended washing and drying each blanket separately.

Imperfections (Are Beautiful)

Due to their handwoven nature, our blankets may have some stray, loose, or pop-out threads, even when they're brand new. These aspects of the weaving process are intentionally left intact - it's what gives handwoven blankets their character and sets them apart from machined textiles. In other words, this is totally normal for a handwoven textile and isn't considered a defect, it's meant to be appreciated!

If you notice what appears to be a "hole" in your woven blanket, don't fret! In most cases, it simply means the threads are pulled apart, which gives the illusion of a hole in the material. You can just push the threads back towards the hole so they're distributed evenly and watch it disappear!

Finally, whatever you do, don't - under any circumstances - feed them after midnight.

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