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Best Cycling, Biking & Motorcycle Gear - The Trek Light Hammock

Must-Have Cycling & Motorcycle Gear:
The Trusty Hammock

For many of us, life is better on a bike.

Taking to the open road allows you to get outside, feel the wind on your face, and see beautiful places.

After a long ride (or in the middle of one), you deserve a serious rest. Resting should mean comfort and finding the nearest uncomfortable rock, stump or park bench doesn’t always mean comfort.  Next time you gear up for a day of pedaling, or a road trip on your touring bike, add a Trek Light Hammock to your gear list.

Easy, portable relaxation.

When you need a break, why sit on a rock to enjoy the view when you can relax in a hammock? Look for a couple of trees and you're relaxing in comfort within moments. Can’t find trees? You can use telephone poles, sign poles, rocks, climbing hitches or anything else you can wrap our Go Anywhere Rope Kit around.

Issues with gear space?

That’s why we make our hammocks so light and compact! You’ll never think twice about bringing it with you.

Slip it into your pouch, bag, or just strap it on the frame of your bike or pack it in your gear box. Trek Light has made appearances at both the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota and RAGBRAI - an amazing touring bike ride across Iowa.

We’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of happy bikers and cyclists ride off with a Trek Light portable hammock on their bike and we’d love the opportunity to change the way you think about your next ride.

Did we mention that all Trek Light hammocks come with a Lifetime Warranty & Happiness Guarantee?


Here's what our customers say:

"This is a great product that I've been using for several years now. It goes up fast and packs tiny.

Every motorcyclist and paddler should have one. On motorcycle trips, it has become my preferred sleep solution after a long day riding. It goes up faster and tears down just as quick in the morning. Aside from sleeping, this is a great place to sit and enjoy a cold one while you BS with your riding buddies."

- Clark A.

"I recently did a cross country bike trek and was doing a lot of research on what gear to pack. A friend of mine suggested a Trek Light hammock and I ended up sending him a Thank You postcard from about 25 stops on my trip. I slept so well after the long days on the road and it was like having a bed, a chair and a masseuse all in that tiny little pouch every day. Best bike riding companion ever, don't think twice."

- Roy S.


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