It's not just a blanket.
It's an heirloom.

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Handwoven on a traditional loom, your blanket is truly unique.

Artisan Made

Your blanket is crafted by Mexican Artisans with centuries of tradition.

Like An Old Friend

Softer with every use - the more you love it, the more it loves you back!


Your timeless blanket is made from 100% recycled material.

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Peace Blanket
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Halley's Comet

Longevity is sustainability. Each handwoven artisan work of art will last a lifetime. Plus, with every blanket purchased, we'll plant a tree in your honor.

Machine Washable & Easy to Care For
Environmentally Friendly
Gets Softer with Each & Every Use
Large, Cozy and Generous in Size

Vibrant Colors, Timeless Comfort

A Uniquely Handmade Item

These aren't machine-made clones - every Trek Light Blanket is woven by hand on a traditional handloom. The artistry of the weaver is in every piece, and that truly means that every blanket made and sold is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art. That means you should expect variances!

Imperfections and variances are exactly what makes handwoven art special (just like you)!

Imperfections (Are Beautiful)

Due to their handwoven nature, our blankets may have some stray, loose, or pop-out threads, even when they're brand new. They're not a sign that your blanket is going to fall apart - and they're all carefully inspected and tied off where necessary to make sure your blanket is made to last.

These little artifacts are meant to be appreciated and are intentionally left intact by the weavers. It's what gives handwoven blankets their character and sets them apart from machined textiles!


The other thing that makes each handwoven blanket unique is just how cozy and big they are. If we're going to call them heirlooms, you can guarantee we're going to make sure they are big enough for any space, family, or occasion.

Sizing: Throw Blanket

Approx. Length: 6.5ft / 2m

Approx. Width: 4.1ft / 1.3m

Approx. Weight: 3.3lbs / 1.5kg

💚 5,000+ Reviews

People are Wrapping Themselves in
Warmth and Tradition

Love my Peace Blanket! Love the blanket for the design, texture, and durability. I’ve used at the beach, for picnics, or snuggling with my puppy on the patio. The customer service is excellent! They are very personable and attentive!
Amazing as always This is my 3rd Blanket! So far the Peace Blankets are my favorites! I am addicted! They are just beautiful they are cozy and practical too! Thank you for being an awesome company! 🧡🙌
Love, love, love my peace blanket!! I’m so glad that I treated myself to this gorgeous blanket! Perfect texture and size for wrapping myself up in or enjoying the outdoors with. And my pit bull Beatrice loves it too! So much so that I’ve already ordered two more blankets :)
Great quality and just plain cute! Im a newer customer, I love the blanket so much and this company is rad. Definitely going to be doing more business in the future! ✌🏽☮️💛☀️
Was going to be a gift for a friend. Liked it so much that I decided to keep it for myself! The colors are what caught my eyes. Its a nice throw on my bed that really lights up my room with color. Very nice and warm as a blanket here on these chilly nights watching tv. Am ordering 2 more.
Love love this beautiful blanket. Gave it to my love for Christmas and we used it everyday at the beach. It’s soft and cozy, large enough to cover two adults under a twin beach chair, and is thick enough to withstand the cool Florida winter breeze we experienced. ❤️

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Every Blanket Sold Plants a Tree

We work with Trees For The Future to plant a tree every time you make a purchase

Together we've planted tens of thousands of trees across the U.S. and around the world since we began and we're just getting started.

The 20 Year Trek Light Story

Feel Good. Do Good. Pass it On.

trek-light-gear-seth-heather-haber-1_1024x1024_2ba9b14c-8703-44e7-bc81-06e292be5680 - Trek Light

Now that you know all about our beautiful handwoven blankets, we'd like to take a second to let you know who we are as a small business.

Trek Light is the husband and wife team of Seth & Heather Haber (along with a small but mighty kaleidoscope of support, partners, and suppliers that make it all possible!).

Founded in 2003 in Boulder, Colorado, Trek Light began with a simple mission: to build a business with heart.

Or, in seven words: Feel Good. Do Good. Pass It On.

Today, two decades in, our mission continues stronger than ever.

Our products share a common heart and soul:

Spreading happiness and promoting kindness while giving back to the planet.

Thanks for being part of our story.
Thanks for supporting a business with heart.
And thanks for being you.

Seth & Heather
Trek Light Gear