Beer Is Better In A Hammock - "The Truth" Beer Hugger

Beer IS better in a hammock.

And now you've got the beer hugger to prove it.

It keeps your beer cold and your hand from getting cold at the same time. Our smartphone is too far away to look it up, but we're sure it's safe to say this won a Nobel Prize at some point, likely in multiple categories.

Speaking of things you may or may not know, it turns out the verdict is out on what to call these incredible marvels of modern science. Here's a list of what we've heard so far: beer hugger, beer huggie, beer rubber, beer sleeve, bottle jacket, can cooler, candom, coldy-holdy, coolie (lookin' at you Australia), coozy, cozy.... Just don't call it a "koozie" because that's a registered trademark of the BIC Corporation and they'll let you know about it.

If you place an order tell us what name you prefer and we'll make sure your packing slip reflects your preferred nomenclature. Do we need to say within reason here? Probably.

(Don't forget to buy a couple in case you lose one. Weird things happen when you start drinking beer.)

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"With all sincere honesty your hammocks put us at the tops of trees, beneath bridges, above rivers, on cliff sides overlooking oceans...There is a special serenity when you carry what you sleep in as simple as a hammock."

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