"Trek Light Gear offers products with purpose" - Entrepreneur Magazine

Trek Lightly
Do Good. Feel Good. It's a simple mantra that represents everything that Trek Light Gear is built on.

Whether you're here because you just made your first purchase with Trek Light Gear or you're just trying to learn more about us, if you read just one thing on our website we sincerely hope it's this page.

When you make a purchase at Trek Light Gear your dollar isn't just a form of currency, it's a catalyst for change.

The purchases you make at Trek Light Gear are social and environmental triggers - the first step in a domino effect of good that you help create.

Buy A Hammock, Plant Two Trees:



Backpack For Change:



The Banana Hammock That Destroys Cancer:




Trek Light Gear, the right choice.Trek Light Gear isn’t a big corporation. We’re a small business with a tiny staff (Hi Mom!) that cares more about what we can do to create change and give back than our own bottom line. We don’t have shareholders or a board of directors to please, we’re just waking up each day and doing what we can to make a difference in this world - and we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride. Thanks for being a part of this incredible adventure with us.


Trek Light Gear