Vintage Art Puzzles

The joy of completing a puzzle is in the journey, right?

But, when you get to the end of the Jigsaw Journey (don't forget that sharp left at Puzzle Plaza), there's nothing better than staring down at your hard work and seeing something that makes you proud. 

Something that makes you think " I need to buy puzzle glue and frame this?"

Well, the answer is yes - and now that we're carrying these beautiful works of puzzle art we might have to go source some puzzle glue too.


Puzzle Specs

Each puzzle contains 1000 carefully crafted pieces, and get this - they all fit together!

But, and here's where it gets tricky, they don't actually ALL fit together - only the perfect pieces meant to be together will fit.

So, if you find yourself pressing a little harder, and you wind up with two pieces that initially looked like they belonged, but now that they're stuck together it's obvious they don't actually fit and there's some awkward space in between them - well, there's a great metaphor for you in there and you should probably work on your puzzle skills. 

The finished puzzle measures 22 x 28 inches and comes in a beautiful 10-inch cardboard tube with a muslin bag for storing or traveling with the pieces.

Behind The Artwork

Since its beginning, Cavallini & Co has been dedicated to preserving and presenting authentic vintage imagery. The archives include a tremendous variety of images; among them are historical maps, antique botanical plates, 19th-century anatomical charts, mid-century travel guides, advertisements, postcards, and many other pieces of paper ephemera.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Malisa Turley (Dallas, TX)

This puzzle was fun to piece together! It’s gorgeous and a very good sturdy quality.

Wendy Pugh (Jordan Valley, OR)
Can I get a awwwwww yeahhhhh!

I’m so very happy with Trek Light Gear.
Not only did I get a kick ass puzzle with packaging that blew my mind, but while I waited for it to arrive, they sent hilarious emails updating me at no extra cost! I’m drawn to Trek Light Gear and what they’re doing so much that I often wonder if they’re hiring. 😁
Keep up the good work and chill vibes.
-Wendy Pugh xoxo

Keri (Douglassville, PA)
Family fun!

We purchased this puzzle for daddys birthday and completed it it 2 evenings! Our boys age 9,7,6 were able to help and it was a great family time activity. Its a beautiful picture of the national parks that we are dreaming of visiting!

Victoria Land (Santa Fe, NM)
Vintage puzzle

This is one of the nicest puzzles we’ve purchased. The packaging is beautifully done the puzzle pieces come in a muslin bag. The design is really lovely and we found this to be a bit challenging but fun!

Jeanine Vaughn (Saratoga, CA)
Family fun

We jad a lot of fun putting this puzzle together. It was the perfect puzzle for our family to do over the holidays. Loved the layout and the colors.

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