Campfire Cooking Bundle


(2) Campfire Cooking 'Fishing' Poles
(2) Campfire Doughy Roasters

Fun for the whole family, or just one very talented and hungry juggler.

Elevate Your Campfire Cooking

Let me make this clear: You put hot dogs (or sausages, or marshmallows...) on this brilliant contraption. Then you sit comfortably by the fire and pretend like you're fishing. But you're cooking dinner.

And then, with a simple flick of your wrist, your food flips itself.

Go big and cook up to 4 hot dogs or 4 marshmallows at the same double that meal with the two poles included in this bundle!

Everyone's eating together tonight!

Campfire fishing for s'mores?

I'm in love. Let's eat.

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Campfire Cooking Pole
Campfire Doughy Roaster

Better Than S'Mores? How Dare We. 

What if I told you that there was something that rivals s'mores when it comes to campfire desserts?

What if I also told you that same thing could rival your favorite camping breakfast, lunch or dinner?

You'd probably yell 'Fake News' and walk away, right?

Know this - we wouldn't say such blasphemy lightly. It's time you met your new best campfire friend - the Doughy Roaster.

Discover The Doughy Roaster

Cooking Pole Features

  • Sturdy and comfortable design
  • Keeps your food securely on the 'line' and your body away from the fire
  • Patented 'Jig' system makes flipping food easy
  • Works for roasting marshmallows, hot dogs, sausages and more
  • Brilliant, this thing is truly just brilliant.

Doughy Roaster Features

  • Sturdy and comfortable design
  • Telescoping rod for easy portability
  • Easy-spin rotisserie dial on the handle keeps it cooking evenly
  • Make incredible breakfast biscuit pies. Campfire calzones. And so much s'more.
  • You've got a little drool on your chin, just thought you should know.
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