Prayer Flags

"My friend Tommy used to work on the docks. Well, the union's been on strike and now he's down on his luck. It's tough, so tough.

All I'm really trying to say here is, you better hold on to what you've got." - Gina

A Work Of Art For Indoors Or Out

Whether you know them as 'prayer flags', 'peace flags', or 'those colorful hippie squares', these stunning hand-made flags are a modern take on a beautiful tradition.

Use them to brighten your home, add a little (more) color to your dorm room, or take them along on all your camping, overland and van life adventures.

Choose From Five Unique Styles

Meet The Maker:
Jen Grant

Jen Grant - Handmade Prayer Flags Artist

Handmade With Love in Colorado

Every flag is handmade right down the road from Trek Light HQ in Lafayette, CO.

Every print is first illustrated and then delicately carved into blocks by Jen at her studio. Each flag is then hand stamped and individually cut and strung.

If you're hanging your flags outside, the vibrant fabric colors are intended to naturally fade over time to achieve a vintage, weathered look.


  • Each set comes with seven uniquely colored and illustrated flags
  • Flag Dimensions (each): ~3.25in x 5in
  • String Length: ~6ft
  • Note On Size: These prayer flags are smaller in size than traditional prayer flags. Please pay attention to the specs above when ordering so you're not surprised, a standard playing card is shown in the product images at the top of the page for scale.

Thoughts and prayer flags to all...

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
My prayers have been answered!

I was always down on my luck until I hung up my prayer flags from Trek Light Gear. Now, I've got it all!! Fame, fortune, great health, a beautiful wife, two perfect children, and a dog the never poops or pees in my house. I'd wish that I could have known this sooner, but I fear that since these flags work so well, that the wish (prayer) could mess up the space/time continuum and we could all be sucked into some sort of black hole...anyway, I digress. Their beautiful colors, the gentle flapping in the breeze, and overall feng shui that the flags add to our decor, I couldn't pray for anything more to improve on these perfect flags. Get some.

Adventure Vibe Set!

Took these little gems on a camping trip recently up to the Redwoods National Forrest in Northern CA and boy did they bring just the right energy for a fun little adventure! They were smaller than I expected, but they fit perfectly across the opening to our tent so we made that they're home. Love the touch of color and sense of adventure that they brought to our little temporary home. :)

Home Sweet Home :) The prayer flags look beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing this photo!

We purchased these prayer flags for our son, daughter-in-law and grandson for their new home in Arizona - they love them and are still considering the best place to hang them in their new home. They are beautiful.

Best gift ever! Thank you, Karen! Glad the flags have found a great home. :)
Fun Colorado-Made Artisan Gift

These are great! I hung them in our bedroom and will be getting more for the holidays. They would be great stock stuffers and I love that they are made right here in Colorado. I bet these would be great hanging right on or over a hammock.

Thank you, Jennifer! Enjoy! :)
Really pretty flags!

I just love my new prayer flags and can't wait to get more. They make me smile every time I see them! Thank you for the awesome product!

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