Ultralight Carabiner

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You know when you get a song stuck in your head and it makes you feel better to get it stuck in someone else's head?

I feel much better now. Need a carabiner?

Less than one ounce, rated to 1100lbs

When used with your Trek Light Hammock you can sleep well knowing that you're securely clipped in to your surroundings and supported by the strongest means possible. But these are not just a hammock accessory by any means, our carabiners have an endless number of uses on the trail or around the home.


Ultralight Hammock Carabiner

What makes a Trek Light Carabiner so special?

These incredible carabiners weigh in at less than an ounce (23g) and can hold up to 1100lbs (500kg) each!

Upgrade your hammock with a pair of these carabiners or buy some just to have with you when you'll need it most.

If you are upgrading your hammock, the first thing you should do is swap out the existing s-hooks on your Trek Light hammock with your new carabiners. It's pretty simple, but if you need help, go here for an explanation and video showing you how to install your new carabiners.



Ultra light, ultra strong.

It's ultralight design may feel right at home on your keychain or water bottle, but this is no trinket - rest assured you're purchasing one of the lightest and strongest carabiners on the market today.

We encourage you to do the research - nearly every comparable carabiner on the market either supports less weight, weighs more, or costs more. 

Trek Light Gear ultralight carabiner

But...Not for climbing!

We just got done telling you how strong these are, and an 1100lb safety rating sounds plenty strong enough to support your weight, right?

It is, but in the case of a fall while climbing the amount of force increases dramatically and can easily exceed 1100lbs.

These carabiners are perfectly suited for supporting a static load up to 1100lbs (ie. normal hammock use, hoisting that canoe in your garage), but if you are looking for a rock climbing carabiner you need to buy one specifically designed for the task.



  • Weighs: 23g (0.8oz)
  • Dimensions: 3in x 1.5in
  • Max Weight: 1100lbs / 500kgs **
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Sold Individually - If you need a pair, make sure you order two!
  • Lifetime Warranty & Happiness Guarantee

** When used with a Trek Light Gear hammock the 400lb weight rating for the hammock still applies **

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
They're great

They do what they're supposed to and are super light. Nothing else to say, really.



Thanks, Terry!!
UL carabiner

I have taken these on overnights into lost creek and Indian peak wilderness area. Incredibly light and sturdy. Much lighter then the stock carabiners your average hammock comes with. I would purchase again.

Perfect! My husband loves these

Perfect! My husband loves these lightweight beeners for camping.

works great for setting up

works great for setting up

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