Trek Flight - Pocket Frisbee

On average, just over one Californian a day claims to have been abducted by aliens in a flying saucer.

California, you so crazy. 


Buy This Thing And Throw It at Someone You Love

The perfect travel companion anywhere you go, the Trek Flight flies like a champ and is a breeze to catch thanks to its soft, collapsible design. And when you're done tossing it around it easily packs in its own tiny pouch and fits in your pocket.


Pocket Frisbee, Collapsible Lightweight backpacking frisbee


It's a Backpacking Frisbee, a Camping Frisbee, a Travel Frisbee, a Hiking Frisbee, maybe even an Office Frisbee.

Go ahead, throw it at someone you love.



  • Weighs: 7oz
  • Diameter: 10 inches
  • Carry Pouch: 4in x 5in
  • Sand-Filled Rim for easy catching and packing
  • Lifetime Warranty & Happiness Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
No reason to be bored!

I grew up playing with a frisbee similar to this one but haven't been able to find one anywhere until now!. It's small, foldable, has its own storage bag, easy to take hiking, traveling, can be used, indoors or outdoors... I love the weighted rim and how easy it is to catch it and throw it. You can take it anywhere! The possibilities are endless-between classes, at the airport, in the hotel hallway, waiting for the bus, at the beach...attach it to your bag or keep it in your car. I also bought mine to keep in my bag to entertain my boys when we are out and about.


Used the camping frisbee car camping (after mosquitos drove us out of backpacking) and at the hotel pool later. A big hit with all. Highly recommend.

Thanks for using our gear in the wild! Happy adventures!
Fantastic frisbee

We love tossing ours around in the backyard. I bought a few of them for our kids to share and they love them.

Trek Flight rules!

I keep mine in my car and use it all the time!

Awesome colors

I have one of these and every color and love giving them as gifts! Awesome and unique product.

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