Reba Blanket

In the early 1990s, American music star Reba McEntire branched into film, starting with the movie Tremors.

Tremors is a monster movie cult-classic starring Kevin Bacon.


Buy this blanket and you're two degrees to Bacon wherever you go.

Because of their handmade nature, the colors and details will vary on each blanket (scroll down for more info).

The Adventure Blanket

Remember your favorite blanket as a child?

The one that you took everywhere, the one that made you feel safe, and the one that smelled like every memory you've ever had?

You're a grown-up now.

And this is your new Adventure Binky.



A Blanket For Life

Yoga Blanket. Beach Blanket. Picnic Blanket. Camping Blanket. Life Blanket.

From music festivals to romantic nights under the stars, and from the back of your truck to the edge of the Grand Canyon - the Reba Adventure Blanket from Trek Light Gear is your new best friend. 

This midweight blanket is soft to the touch to keep you warm and cozy on cold nights and still plenty big enough to share with a friend.


Made Ethically & Sustainably By Indigenous Artisans

It all begins with clothing. 

Every blanket is made from excess clothing materials - first, shredded into a pulp, and then repurposed into yarn. 

By repurposing high-quality materials and preventing them from ending up in the landfill, we're able to minimize our environmental impact and create less waste for our planet.

So, that's the material, but what about the process?

Every blanket is handwoven in Mexico on a traditional wooden pedal loom by Indigenous artisans continuing a long tradition of craftsmanship and creativity.

The best things aren't made in factories. And that's why our artisans also continue the tradition of home weaving - allowing them to determine their own hours, wages, and workload.



  • Midweight design for durability and warmth
  • Fish pattern with vivid colors and fringed ends
  • Woven on a traditional handloom
  • Cozy and big blanket for sharing and cuddling
  • Uses: Picnics, yoga blanket, tapestry, bedspread, throw blanket, van life accessory, covering up large stains with style, putting over someone you love when they fall asleep on the couch and feeling awesome about yourself.
  • Favorite Band: Phish


  • Length: 6.7ft / 80 in / 2m
  • Width: 4.2ft / 50 in / 1.3m
  • Weighs: 3lbs
  • 50% Acrylic, 40% Polyester, 10% Cotton
  • Mexican Blanket, Handmade In Mexico
  • Wash Cold, Tumble Low (Dry clean for best care)
  • Happiness Guaranteed

A Uniquely Handmade Item

Expect variances!

Each blanket is a unique creation - the fish colors will vary in every blanket and other details like the fringe thread colors, stripes, and even the hue of the main blanket color may be different than what's pictured.

Every blanket is beautiful in its uniqueness so you should feel comfortable that you'll get a blanket you'll be happy with - but if you have any questions about this please feel free to contact us before you order!


Reba Handmade Mexican Blanket Fish Design For Camping, Adventure & Van Life

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Look at how happy my dad is wrapped in his Reba blanket!

Both of my Montana-based nephews, as well as my Boulder-based dad, loved the Trek Light Gear blankets my family gave them this Christmas. Both of the boys sent me thank you messages, which included ideas for adventures they were planning. My dad, upon opening his gift, immediately wrapped himself up and said it was the perfect blanket for resting in his recliner after a long hike or fishing expedition. I'm so happy they were happy, dreaming of outdoor treks.

Beautiful colors

Fun colors, quick shipment and excellent customer service.

Kitty's love the blanket too.

Great blanket

Love the weight, the bright colors. Now a staple in our living room. Shipped fast & enjoyed fantastic customer service. Big fan!

The Reba looks beautiful in your living room. Stay cozy!
Super Soft luxury. THANK YOU!

Marvelous gift for our camping kids, or for use on their couch.

Fisherman’s Dream

Perfect colors and design! So, I love fishing and am spending winter in Florida to do as much as I can. I saw thus & thought, “Love this”! Received it and ordered three more colors. It’s s staple in my guest room one on each twin bed, and in my car as a beach blanket. Love the weight, and the colors. I highly recommend it!

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