Daily Hammock Fix: Mostly Victorian Women In Hammocks

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet I just discovered a fantastic collection of vintage art featuring....well, Mostly Victorian Women In Hammocks.

People around the world have been relaxing in hammocks for centuries now, but seeing these 19th Century paintings really brings it home. 

It’s pretty easy to hop in your portable hammock today and ask your friend to snap a photo of you, but the works of art below required a serious amount of time and effort to depict a simple scene of relaxation and bliss.  

Kick back, relax and enjoy this fine hammock art:


Hammock Art: 7 Emily Mary Osborn [1834-1893]Hammock Art: John Lavery (Irish painter, 1856-1941)Hammock Art: Robert Thegerstrom (Swedish artist, 1857-1919) LazinessHammock Art: Anders Leonhard Zorn (Swedish artist, 1860-1920) In the Hammock 1882Hammock Art: John Lavery (Irish painter, 1856-1941)  Red HammockHammock Art: Giovanni Boldini (Italian Academic painter, 1842-1931) )The HammockHammock Art: Gustave Courbet (French painter, 1819-1877) The Hammock CGFHammock Art: Johan Krouthén (Swedish artist, 1858-1032) Wife Hulda in Hammock 1885

To view the full collection, check them out on the It’s About Time blog: Mostly Victorian Women In Hammocks.

It’s a tough life being a hammock model, but someone’s gotta do it right?

Cheers to all the artists and subjects that helped capture this beautiful hammock art for all time. 

Now, who wants to paint a picture of me in my Trek Light hammock?

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