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I've never been a huge fan of   There's just something about charging for online reviews and descriptions of hiking trails that seems so 1990's to me. 

I noticed they recently published their list of the 'Top 100 Trails in North America' and, while many of the trails that made the list are beautiful, it pains me to see the Kalalau Trail in Kauai so low on the list:

Kalalau Trail
#68. Kauai: Kalalau Valley & The Na Pali Cliffs and #94. Kalalau Trail on Na Pali Coast Hanakapiai Beach to Hanakapiai Falls

Theoretically, these trails probably belong on their own list since there's no good geographic reason to lump Hawaii in with North America, but I still can't believe it barely made their Top 100.  

The views, terrain, wildlife, smells, colors, sounds....the Kalalau Trail is one that remains firmly etched in my memory two years after I hiked it.  (The fact that I have such fond memories of the trail even though I had one of my Teva sandals break on me part way through the hike also says a lot, I was in a quite a bit of pain by the time I made it back.)

Check out some of the trails and let me know if there are any more you agree or disagree with.  Don't bother clicking on the internal links for more info on the trails unless you're ready to spring for a membership. Top 100 Trails | Best Trails in North America

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