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The Great Indoors: Fun Indoor Winter Activities

Just because the weather forecast is keeping you inside, doesn’t mean that you can’t stay active...particularly in regards to your brain.

Giving your mind activities to do, problems to solve, and ways to engage that aren’t focused on the TV isn’t just fun - it’s a way to stay healthy.

As Winter's cold weather can sometimes take a toll on our moods and social plans, we’re advocating for taking up an indoor hobby that supports brain health and gives you a chance to learn a new skill.

Below are a few ideas on things you can do to wait out the winter, and still feel productive in the process.


Make your own kombucha

Brewing and making your own kombucha might seem challenging (what is a scoby, anyways?), but it’s actually quite easy.

You just need to get the right equipment, read up on the process, and keep an eye on how it’s doing through the process.

We love this video and this blog post, both of which will start you off on the right foot when making this tasty drink.

Side note: Kombucha not your fave? Try making Tepache, another fermented drink that’s got a sweeter kick to it. Here’s a handy how-to video.


Marie Kondo your home

You might have heard of this home-simplifying method from the acclaimed Netflix series or the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Either way, the KonMari Method from Marie Kondo, is an empowering way to tidy up your home by getting rid of the items that don’t bring you joy.

Sure, this isn’t a “hobby” per se, but it’s also a truly therapeutic way to reinvigorate your space during the quiet winter months.


Take an online class

Sometimes, the Internet can be a wonderful thing. From YouTube to MasterClass, there are numerous types of platforms on which you can take an online class.

Always wanted to try your hand at screenwriting? There’s a class for that.

Think block printing could be a cool hobby to take up? Take a class in it.

Looking to get a better handle on your new puppy? Training classes are abundant online.


Hone an old skill

Like we said above, learning a new skill keeps your brain healthy and happy, which is vital as you get older.

Taking up a hobby you’ve always wanted to get into or revisiting something you used to love as a kid, is a nice way to keep your mind engaged and active when inside and cooped up.

Maybe you used to love to knit. Get a pair of needles on Amazon and commit to making a new scarf by the following Christmas.


Get into letter writing

Lastly, writing letters can be a meaningful way to stay in touch.

Texting a friend after a few months of silence is nice, but writing a letter might mean more. The freedom a blank page can bring to your voice and thoughts is extremely rewarding.

Go through your address book and friend roster, and see who might be due for a letter in their mailbox.

Commit to writing one letter a week and you'll have a great new winter activity that truly captures our mantra at Trek Light Gear:

Feel Good. Do Good. Pass It On!


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