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Giving Back To Our Teachers & Librarians

It's hard to believe that it's a topic any adult could argue about, but here we are.

When I turn on the TV or read the news these days, I'm seeing story after story about teachers fighting to be paid fairly, fighting for funding so they don't have to pay for school supplies out of pocket - and at the end of it all, simply fighting for the respect they deserve.

Trek Light Gear wouldn't exist today if it weren't for the incredible teachers that helped us all grow. 

And yet, it's an unfortunate reality that so many teachers and librarians are grossly underpaid and underappreciated in our culture.

While I can't do much to change the system except by voicing my support and voting, there is something I can do at Trek Light Gear to give back and show our endless appreciation.

So, I'm happy to announce that we've officially added both Teachers and Librarians to our discount program here at Trek Light Gear. 

If you didn't know, we already offer discounts to a variety of groups - Military / Fire / Police, Peace Corps, Students, and more - and it's an honor to include Teachers and Librarians among those groups. I'm honestly sorry I left you off in the first place!

If you're an actively employed (or retired) teacher or librarian, all you need to do is send us an email and include something we can use to verify your employment - a pay stub or badge, a school email address, online profile, a thorough explanation of photosynthesis and the Dewey Decimal System, etc. 

We'll do our homework and get back to you with a much-deserved discount.  

Whether it's a portable hammock to relieve some stress, an aromatherapy candle to unwind at home, an adventure blanket to picnic and read on, or a new shirt to show the kids how cool you really are - we're doing what we can to help you to relax and enjoy our products at a price you deserve. 

(Even better: Did you know we donate a school supply kit to a student for every Bindle Daypack we sell? That's like a win-win-win-win if I'm doing the math correctly. Which, of course, I know I am because I had great teachers.)

From myself and all of us at Trek Light Gear - THANK YOU teachers and librarians!!

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