Buy A Hammock, Get A FREE $50 Swiss Army Knife? Yes!

][UPDATE: This promotion is now ended, thanks to all who participated!]

That’s right.  We’ve teamed up with Wenger, makers of the genuine Swiss Army Knife, to offer a special promotion to Trek Light Gear fans.


I’ve got 12 Swiss Army Evolution 16 knives (MSRP $50.95) ready to be given away and if you want one of them to be yours all you have to do is be one of the first 12 people to buy a hammock and enter the code SAK when you check out.  In order to qualify you must have either a Single Hammock or Double Hammock in your order, that’s it.

This promotion is bound to be over quick so get your order in as quickly as possible.

Brand Synergy: Trek Light Gear and Wenger

Chances are, every one of you reading this is familiar with the Swiss Army Knife.  But, maybe not all of you are familiar with Wenger – the company that’s been making Swiss Army Knives since the late 1800’s.   In 1893, Wenger (then known as Paul Boéchat & Cie) received a contract from the Swiss Army to make knives and well, the rest is history.

“The Swiss Army Knife was built on the premise of portable functionality.”

Sound familiar?

The one thing that defines the essence of the Trek Light Gear hammock in my mind is its versatility.  It’s a hardcore piece of camping gear on one end of the spectrum and yet that’s one of only hundreds of uses for it.  Our hammock isn’t meant to sit in your camping closet waiting for your next trip - it’s something you’ll use on a daily basis whether you’re tailgating, traveling, in the backyard, at the beach and even indoors.

The Swiss Army Knife represents the exact same ‘don’t leave home without it’ concept – keep it with you and you’ll be amazed how often you find yourself using it (and needing it).  The Evolution 16 knife weighs only 2.6 ounces and has 10 different tools packed into its now ergonomic handle.  If you want to read the full stats, check out the product page here.

Trek Light Gear - Trees Optional

Wenger recognized that Trek Light Gear fans share a lot in common with the people who have owned and carried Swiss Army Knives for over a century now and they were kind enough to send over these knives for you to have a chance to win.

Whether you’re one of the lucky 12 or not, let’s show some Trek Light Gear support and say thanks to Wenger online: Follow them on Twitter (@WengerBrand), like them on Facebook, and send them a message saying thanks for supporting and partnering with a small biz like Trek Light Gear.   Show them what makes our community special and who knows, maybe someday we’ll see even more come from this cool partnership. Swiss Army Hammock anyone?

Remember, we’ve only got 12 of these knives ($50 value) to give away – don’t miss out. (And don’t forget to enter code SAK when you check out!)

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