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Spring Cleaning Inspiration

Two words for you: spring cleaning.

Commonly done when the air is a bit warmer and the sun is out longer, it’s a chance to shake out your home and bring some much-needed freshness to your living space.

Research suggests that the practice of spring cleaning originates from the Persian New Year, which happens on the first day of Spring. A thorough cleaning gives a house a new life.

Spring cleaning also has health benefits (we’re serious!).

Decluttering your space and shaking loose items that have been lying dormant throughout the winter, can reduce stress levels, increase productivity, improve sleep, and reduce allergic reactions.

When you clean up the clutter around your home, your mood improves, and other aspects of life tend to fall in line.

Here are some ways to get started and things you can add to your home to upgrade your space, just in time for spring/summer.


Pick a room, any room

Start with a room you’ve meant to tackle for some time.

Maybe this is a single closet in the basement or your master bedroom. Wherever it is and whatever it contains, get to work.

Starting in one space will jumpstart the process and make it easier to take on the rest of the house.


Does it spark joy?

You’ve probably heard this phrase uttered a few times in the past year.

It’s a concept from Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant who has her own Netflix series about the personal joy of tidying up.

How does it work? Go through your items with an intention to throw things out. Only keep the things that bring you joy when you hold them.

For more on this, watch the series


Scrub and sweep

Bust out your best cleaning products (even better if they’re good for the environment!) and get to work.

Sweep first, scrub second. The more you get done now, the better you’ll feel by the end of it all.

So, vacuum! Wipe down the mirrors! Clean out the garage! Clean out the fridge! If you work up a sweat, you know you’ll have done a top-notch job.

PROTIP: Listen to a podcast while you clean to make the time fly by.


Brighten things up

Once you’re finished with cleaning and throwing things out, add some new items to your space that feel refreshing and cleansing.

At Trek Light Gear, we’ve got a whole litany of things that can help welcome Spring into your home and make your space feel like it got a facelift:



Make your place glow with a new scent.

Try our Under the Stars Candle - it will bring the outside in and give you a refreshing sense of coziness.


Coffee table books

Finally got rid of the coffee-stained magazine pile you’ve had sitting on your table for ages?

Add a fancy new book to take its place.

We’ve got new offerings like Cabin Porn, Van Life, and more on the site.

Key chains

Coming home every day should feel like respite and relief. When you walk through your door, you should immediately feel comfortable in your space and at peace.

After a refreshing clean, think about upgrading your keychain to remind yourself that home is a place you should content.

Try our You Are My Sunshine Key Tag for some inspiration.

Prayer flags

Want to add some pop to your clean space? Get some new art or add prayer flags to your walls.

New items for the eye to look at can feel invigorating and open your eyes up to new ways of thinking.

Some of our Modern Prayer Flags are a great (and easy to install) option.

New mugs

Sitting in your recently cleaned space and having coffee, tea, or Irish coffee sounds so wonderful and therapeutic.

Upgrade your mug collection to go with your renewed digs.

We’ve got a beautiful new mug in our collection, the Mountain Mug. Check ‘em out.

Bold new blankets

Blankets add such depth to a home, and they provide something cozy and comforting to snuggle with or hang on the wall.

Browse our blanket collection to see what catches your eye. We think a bright and colorful addition like the Radium Blanket will look great in your home and make it feel like Spring.


    Happy cleaning!


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