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Priceless Is Right: Corey, We've Got A Hammock For You

As you may have already seen, a hammock played a prominent role in a video that went viral this week (and no, it wasn't another bear in a hammock).

Poor Corey.

He accomplished what so many have dreamed of and made it to the Price Is Right podium. The prize he was asked to bid on was a spreader-bar hammock with a beautiful wood hammock stand.  The price-guessing began with $750 and went up to $1200 on the high end.

When it was Corey's time to place the final bid he responded with the first number that came to mind: $7000. And with that, a viral video was born.


The Internet seems to think that poor Corey was too nervous or couldn't possibly understand the Price Is Right rules, it just doesn't make sense.

But if there's one thing we know here at Trek Light Gear, it's that hammocks have strange powers over the minds of those who have experienced their magic before.

Even though I'd have to argue that the hammock featured on the show is a pretty bad representation of hammocks (if you're not sure why, you should read up on how you've been hammock brainwashed), I'm right there with Corey.

What's a hammock worth? Just shout the biggest number that comes to mind, because although 'priceless' is more accurate it won't ever get you to the final Showcase Showdown.

So Corey, even though our biggest, best and most comfortable hammock can be yours for only less than $100 I'd be happy to give you one as a gift on behalf of myself and Trek Light Gear. It doesn't come with a large wooden stand, but that will just weigh you down on your new adventures as a viral video star.

The Internet will have it's time poking fun at your Price Is Right fail, but it's obvious to me that you clearly understand the true value of having a hammock in your life, and that's what really matters. If you're out there Corey, get in touch.

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