Honoring Peace Corps Week

This week marks Peace Corps Week – celebrating President Kennedy’s establishment of the Peace Corps on March 1, 1961.

Check out this great video from the Peace Corps in Cameroon commemorating the amazing work they've done in the area by improving the local maternity ward and more– when the credits roll you’ll even see some Trek Light hammocks spreading smiles and happiness to the people of Cameroon!


Trek Light Gear + The Peace Corps

Peace Corps Hammocks Cameroon

Trek Light Gear has always been a huge supporter of the Peace Corps movement.  A hammock is one of the best pieces of gear a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) can bring on their trip – it provides a comfortable place to sleep night after night, a way to escape and relax when it’s time for a much needed break, and it provides the perfect way to interact and spread happiness to the people around you.  A hammock smile will always transcend language and culture barriers!

If you’re not already aware Trek Light Gear offers Peace Corps Discounts on all of our gear – all you have to do is get in touch with us and provide some verification (acceptance letter, etc.) and we’ll set you up with a great discount.   If you’re able to connect with other members of your Peace Corps group you can save up to 40% by putting in a group order of 10 or more!

The Peace Corps is an incredible institution which allows young people to learn the importance of helping those around us who need it most - one of the most valuable lessons we can learn on this planet.

Spread the word about Peace Corps week and let us know if there's ever anything Trek Light Gear can do to help support you or someone you know as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

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