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How To Bring The Cabin Vibes Home

When life gets busy and things get hectic, our minds often crave things that feel like an escape. 

For some, that can take the form of reading or watching TV. For others it’s daydreaming of a place you love or a vacation you’d like to take. This need is kind of why Instagram exists these days - to provide an outlet for dreams and wanderlust. 

As the holidays start to ramp up around here, we find ourselves craving cozy cabin times. A good book, a roaring fire, a peaceful view out the window...sounds utterly perfect. 

Whether you’re planning your next trip, or just looking for some daydream material - cozy cabin inspiration is where it begins. 

Lucky for us, there’s a wide variety of social media accounts you can follow that supply a steady stream of jaw-dropping cabin photos, cute cabin essentials, and sublime places to lay your head - in other words, cabin porn. 

Here are a few of our favorites that keep us inspired and fuel our cabin imagination. 


Cabin Porn

The name says it all. Gorgeous pictures of cabins, all over the world make up this account’s content. The account also has a book of photos you can buy and place on your coffee table, should you need a midday cabin pick-me-up.

We’re currently coveting this treehouse in Montana and this epic view for two in Guatemala. 

The Cabin Chronicles

Go inside some of the world’s most beautiful, intimate, and special cabins. Spanning the globe, these chronicles capture interiors, exteriors, and all aspects of #cabinlife.

Take a peek to see things like this slice of heaven and this cozy nook

Project Archipelago

Two designers. One island. One cabin. That sounds like the intro to the Real World: Cabin Life, but it’s actually just the reality that designer couple, Aleksi and Milla took on. On an island in Finnish Archipelago National Park, they designed and built a dream escape for themselves.

Watch the experience on their Instagram and drool along with us. 

Ethan Abitz

Ethan is a photographer who specializes in taking photos of treehouses, cabins, and super cozy interiors. Lucky for you, he has an account you can follow and live vicariously through, should feel the need.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up here and here


Why dream about a faraway cabin when you can bring some of that cabin magic to your own home? 

Here’s how to do it:

First, grab a candle.

No fireplace? No problem.

Our incredible Under The Stars Candle has perfectly subtle hints of woodsmoke & pine that will instantly transport your senses to that cabin of your dreams. 

Next, snag a cozy blanket.

What cabin doesn’t have a cozy blanket to wrap up in?

Try our Redwood Blanket, Humboldt Blanket, or be adventurous and roll the style-dice with our Mystery Blanket.

Wrap it around your shoulders, throw it over your legs, or just drape it on the couch and you’re a big step closer to the cabin vibes you’re craving. 

Make yourself a warm drink in a mug that makes you smile.

Coffee and Baileys? Cocoa and marshmallows? Herbal tea?

Think about what comfort drink you'd choose as the snow falls or the birds chirp outside your cabin and pour a mug.

Our handmade Happy Tumbler is the perfect vessel to truly make the moment feel special. 

Hang a hammock!

No matter how comfy your couch is, a good cozy hammock will instantly make you feel like you’re on vacation.

You can easily hang a hammock indoors (without the power tools) using our portable Hammock Stand - and our Double Hammock is perfect for napping, reading and snuggling in your ‘dream cabin’.

Finally, put the phone away and kick up with a good book.

Maybe you’re reading a book from our blog post of recommended Fall reads, or you’re quenching your adventure thirst with a field guide about road-tripping through The American South or New England.

We’ve got a great collection of books in our shop that will help you feel like you’re curled up by the fire in your favorite cabin no matter where you are. 

Now relax. And enjoy your cozy cabin right at home. 


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