How About Some Economic Stimulus for the National Park System?

Some interesting discussion was had in the halls of our nation’s capital the other day regarding the state of our National Park System.  Tom Kiernan, president of the National Parks Conservation Association, was invited to speak before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee about ways we can invest in our national infrastructure and stimulate the economy at the same time.   According to Mr. Kiernan:
"As much as $440 million worth of road projects in our national parks are ready to go to construction, and can rapidly produce as many as 7,000 jobs while also renewing our national heritage and helping to revitalize our national parks for our children and grandchildren."

There have only been two efforts in the past century to significantly build up and protect our National Parks and those efforts “transformed the national park system into one of the most popular vacation destinations for both American families and foreign tourists”.

Investing in our national parks creates jobs, it brings in additional tourism dollars to the economy and it makes America beautiful.  You could also easily argue that a National Park is one of the great educational resources of our nation, providing the opportunity for millions to learn about the wonders of our planet first hand.   Let’s hope that Tom and the NPCA are successful in getting some of our tax dollars reinvested in the National Park System.

How About Some Economic Stimulus for the National Park System? | National Parks Traveler

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