The Hammock Hero revealed: Who is it?


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by Seth Haber - Founder, CEO

In the coming days we're going to make an announcement about our new Brand Ambassador program, the Trek Light Gear Hammock Heroes!   

We know full well that many of you have been with us as un-official Hammock Heroes for 10+ years spreading the good word and helping us grow - we're looking forward to hearing from many of you during the application process so we can turn you into an official Hammock Hero! We'll be sharing more info about the program soon and we'll let you know how you can sign up to be a Hammock Hero so keep a close eye here on the blog - for now though, we wanted to introduce you to our very first 'official' Hammock Hero - say hello to Kelby Strohm!

Hammock Hero Bio: Kelby Strohm

Name: Kelby Strohm

School: Western Washington University (Junior)

Major/Minor: I am a Fairhaven College Student (WWU’s Interdisciplinary Study program), I will be creating my own degree combining multi-cultural studies, psychology, environmental studies, business and marketing to travel the world and work as a photographer and videographer

Hometown: Mill Creek, WA

Currently live: Bellingham, WA

How do you connect with and enjoy the great outdoors?

 I’ve connected with and enjoyed the outdoors for as long as I can remember. I wakeboard (I actually rode with WWU’s wakeboard team at Collegiate Nationals in Las Vegas, even after fracturing my foot the night before), I wake surf, windsurf, longboard, bike, backpack, hammock, cliff jump, pretty much you name it outdoors and I’ve either done it or am looking to try it! Growing up my dad took me backpacking all the time. When I was 8 years old he brought me on a 35 mile cross cascade trip that definitely helped shape and inspire my future lifestyle and career choice.

What is your favorite place to be within 50 miles of home?

Ahhh that’s a tough one. My college town of Bellingham, WA is one of the most geographically diverse places on earth. It is nestled in between the Cascade Mountain Range and the Puget Sound so within 50 miles I can go from snowboarding to windsurfing. Pretty rad. My favorite local spots are an abandoned pier that goes out about a half mile into Bellingham Bay (mostly because I just tumbled upon this spot accidentally one day exploring), Pixie Falls, Clarks Point (in the picture of my profile) or anywhere in the North Cascades National Park with an epic view of Mt Baker.

What is your favorite place to be anywhere in the world?

I’d have to say the most rad place I’ve been in the world thus far was when I climbed a volcano in Guatemala on a mission trip about 5 years ago. I really want to spend time in New Zealand, the Andes mountains and the west indies as soon as I graduate though!

How did you first find out about Trek Light Gear?

I found Trek Light Gear through Instagram. Hammocking is a huge thing in Bellingham right now and I snapped an epic shot of a couple hammocks hanging in a structure on a local boardwalk. I put it up on Instagram asking if anyone knew of any good hammock companies hoping to come in contact with one and a Hammock Lifestyle Instagram commented tagging a bunch of companies. A few contacted me but after talking with Seth and checking Trek Light Gear out I was sold. I’m beyond stoked to be working with Seth and the best hammock company in the game!

Where to find Kelby:


Twitter: Coming Soon

Instagram: @ke1by

Website/Blog: Coming soon


Kelby Strohm Trek Light Gear Hammock Hero Brand AmbassadorTrek Light Gear Hammock HeroHammock America With Trek Light Gear
Seth Haber - Founder, CEO
Seth Haber - Founder, CEO

Over a decade ago I started a small business with the goal of making the world a better place one hammock at a time. Thanks for reading and being part of this incredible community - never stop paying it forward.

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