Hammock Day Giveaway 2014 - Winners Announced!!

Congrats to the Hammock Day Winners!

The day you've been waiting for is finally here...here are the 12 lucky winners of the Hammock Day EPIC Giveaway!!

$200 Gift Certificate Grand Prize:

Justin Mayfield

$50 Gift Certificate:

Cliff Redeker

$20 Gift Certificates:

Allen Clements
Eric Ek
David Creech
Maggie Canady
Josh White
Erica Hall Meyer
Shannon Dizmang
Dominic Vine
Aaron Scott
Chris Kusek

If you're one of the winners, hang tight - we'll be in touch by the end of next week with your gift certificate code!

If you're wondering about the Trek Light Tattoo Challenge, stay tuned! 

We have two completed tattoos submitted so far and a few more that just might be on the way (must be completed by August 15th) - we'll share the amazing pictures and announce the winners Trek Light Rock Stars when everyone's had a chance to complete their tattoos. 

You're all amazing!!


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